Valentine Vocalists at Geneseo High

Claudia Loucks
Several Geneseo High School students received singing telegrams on Monday, Feb. 14, in observance of Valentine’s Day. Student Council sponsors the event each year when students pay a minimal amount of money to hire groups of student vocalists from the high school choir to deliver Valentine’s Day greetings in song. Recipients of the Valentine greetings included, Abby Wilshusan, seated, and surrounded by Simon Anderson, Colin McConville, Gabe Marxen, J.D. Widger, Zack Nelson, Nichols Koustas and Zander Ulam.
Geneseo High School student Ethan Herstedt received a singing telegram on Valentine’s Day from vocalists Madison Holevoet, Anna Snyder, Rose Henderson, Gabriella Elmer and Kyleigh Kespohl.