New owners to take Fitness Premier 24/7 to next level

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

Luke and Maggie Wells have been on a fitness journey that seems to have taken root in Geneseo.  

The Wells are the new owners of Fitness Premier 24/7 at 1045 S. Oakwood Avenue in Geneseo.  

Maggie and Luke Wells are the owners of Fitness Premier 24/7 in Geneseo

More than just a 24/7 gym, Fitness Premier looks at the membership in a different way than just access to the machines, and an occasional talk with a personal trainer.  The Wells are taking their position within the community up a notch, and plan to build a "family" within the gym and within the community.  

Maggie became a member of the Manteno location after she had her third child.  She was paired with a personal trainer who helped her with her fitness goals, who supported her personal and mental health when she underwent some trying personal times, subsequently.  

Luke grew up in Annawan, met Maggie in 2018, got married, and looked to bring their family back to the area. They have three boys, Kaleb, Adam and Jason Flondor.

Maggie missed her "gym family" and she and Luke talked about opening a gym before Covid mitigations shut down gyms for a large portion of 2020.  Earlier this year they took ownership of the Geneseo Fitness Premier franchise. 

Currently Silver Sneakers and RenewActive memberships are honored.  Additional classes specifically tailored  for these groups are in the works. Friendly competitions between members with prizes and and Team Training for groups are also on the docket.  Another planned addition is that of youth team training. 

Several businesses in Geneseo have corporate memberships to Fitness Premier, including the Geneseo School District, Central Bank and Springfield Armory.  Luke has plans to take Team Training out of the gym and into the community, possibly a member facility or one of Geneseo's parks. 

Individual memberships begin with an onboarding session of about an hour, where fitness goals and expectations are discussed with a personal trainer.  One of the tools used in this session can be the In Body Test scanner, a high tech scale which analyzes not just body mass, but takes a measure of water weight, lean body mass, body fat, skeletal muscle  mass and even breaks it down according to appendage. 

In that initial coaching session, mobility is tested and nutrition as related to the fitness goal is discussed.  For those for whom it may benefit, a line of dotFIT supplements are available.  These supplements are NSF certified for Sports and according to Maggie, "they taste good".

Maggie demonstrates the InBody Test machine that helps analyze body composition and with the help of a personal trainer, align fitness goals.

Members who may have overdone it have several options at their disposal to help alleviate muscle pain. A hydro massage bed, which uses a system of high pressure hot water jets to massage strained muscles, providing relief.  An infrared sauna is also on site for members who enjoy a good cleansing sauna experience after a workout.  A high repetition TheraGun massager is also available for spot massage.  The massager breaks down lactic acid in the muscles, and helps provide relief. 

They expect to add a second personal trainer in the next few weeks, and celebrate a Grand Opening in April.  

The Fitness Premier franchise consists of 16 locations across northern Illinois.  Friendly competitions between locations are encouraged.