Who bought property in Henry County?

compiled by Susan DeVilder

Kristen Fuller and Mary Fuller to Nicola and Catherine Cioffi, 536 Franklin St., Kewanee, $72,000

Porch Light Property Solutions, LLC. to Emily Jensen, 521 E. Park St., Geneseo, $139,000

Silvia Meza Corral to Jared Logsdon, 724 Harbour St, Kewanee, $40,000

Jacob and Sara Osborn to Jeffery Browning and Cynthia Wilson, 206 W. State St., Annawan, $205,000

Scott and Jessica Kensinger to Weston Spivey, 112 South School St., Atkinson, $148,000

Christopher Johnson to Nathan Stout, 216 N. Depot St., Annawan, $70,000

Michael and Jennifer Johnson to Robert Sisk, 340 4th St. Andover, $180,000

Shahnoza Ibragimova to Jason and Gina Schweitzer, 823 Meadowlawn Dr., Geneseo, $105,000

Larry and Lynette Dauphin To Robert and Mary Wachtel, 701 Dragonfly Lane, Geneseo, $225,000

Patricia Rosenbalm to Ronald Brossman, 265 Hillcrest Dr. Geneseo, $135,000

Carl and Dorothy Adkison to Tayler Stewart, 177 N.E. 1st St., Galva, $95,000

Bradley Schnowske to Jesse Blankenship, 707 South Oakwood Ave., Geneseo, $140,000

Kennard and Janet Franks to Patrick and Tracey Houlihan, 507 W. Front St., Annawan, $110,000

Michelle Zazworsky to Darin Malone and Pamela Bainbridge, 507 S.W. 4th St., Galva, $49,000

Sherry Uraski to Marceto and Sandra Gazzera, 520 W. 5th St, Kewanee, $50,000

Edward and Rita Nykrin to 4 Auto Partners, LLC., 222 S. Oakwood Ave., Geneseo, $100,000

Travis Walline to Dakota Dekezel, 8978 E. 1400 St., Cambridge, $103,000

Dustin and Corissa McLean to PRH Storm Restoration, LLC., 410, 412 and 414 W. 2nd St., Kewanee, $215,000

Real Estate transactions from the office of the Henry County Recorder