Galva Park District readies for pool opening, summer jobs available

Carol Townsend

The Galva Park District board is busy getting everything ready for the opening of the pool at the end of May.

Ground employees are hired and they are still looking for life guards.

The clean-up of the grounds has been done by Superintendent Nathan Glaser and Larry Halsall.

The April membership special is going on. You can get an application at one of the Galva school offices, Porter Hay insurance office, or the bulletin board just inside the door at Community State Bank on the bulletin board.

The April special is $60 for an individual in-district and $90 for out of district.  The April special for a family is $80 for in-district and $115 for out of district.

The board has been approached by the Galva Freedom Fest committee about holding the July 3rd beer tent at the Park District.

It has been held in the vacant lot West of the Fire Station but the fire station expanded on the lot and the last one was held in the Street and onto a vacant lot West of the street.

The board tabled the idea until the Freedom Fest can attend and answer questions and confirm ideas.

The Galva schools were invoiced for $1,000 for the use of the ball fields for softball/baseball use.

300 colored flyers will be handed out to elementary students. They will contain all of the dates and information concerning the pool and activities.

The board approved a $500 pay increase for the treasurer and $300 pay increase for the superintendent position.

It was reported that either Board President Katie Lauren or her daughter, Lauren  Hopping, the head lifeguard will get their food handler management license for the concession stand.

Just a matter of weeks before the Galva Pool is open and local residents can enjoy it.