Mothers Day Messages from Geneseo Seniors

Claudia Loucks

On Sunday, we will celebrate “Mother’s Day,” an opportunity for “children” of all ages to express love, respect and gratitude to mothers for all the things they do and have done for us.

For those whose mothers are no longer alive, it is a time to think back and remember that special person and friend.

In the United States, Anna M. Jarvis is credited with bringing in the celebration of Mother’s Day. Anna Jarvis intended to start a Mother’s Day as an honoring of mothers. The idea itself was so great that it did not take long to be spread all over. Leaving aside the first observance, the official recognition that followed for the observance came in galore. The governor of West Virginia issued the first Mothers’ Day proclamation in 1910.

Oklahoma celebrated it in that same year. It started the same way as far west as the state of Washington. By 1911, there was not a state in the Union that did not have its own observance for Mothers’ Day. Soon it crossed the national boundary, as people in Mexico, Canada, South America, China, Japan and Africa all joined the spree to celebrate a day for mother love.

These senior students in Ali Stern’s classes at Geneseo High School were asked to write a tribute to their mothers or grandmothers.

The messages are not in alphabetical order.

-Nathan VanDeWoestyne – “Dear Mom, I want to say thank you for everything you have done for me. All the rides to sports practices and always being there to support me during games means a lot. You deserve so much more than you are give credit for. I appreciate everything you do and I couldn’t have asked for a better Mom. Love, Nathan.”
-Zayvier Sinclair – “Dear Mom, I am extremely grateful to have you as my Mom. When I think of all the beautiful memories with you, I think that a lifetime is not enough time to celebrate these special moments. Thank you for having been there throughout my life as a friend, confidant, defender, and guide. Thank you for putting up with the selfishness that comes with teen years. Thank you for humbling yourself to put my needs above your own. Thank you for sacrificing innumerable hours to help with projects, or take care of ailments, or to simply spend an afternoon bonding with me. Love, Zayvier.”
– Job Walters – “Dear Grandma, “You have been there for me my whole life at my hardest moments and my greatest. Thank you for being the best Grandma in the world to me, you have done so much for me after my Mother died. You helped me get through the grieving process and helped me feel like myself again. Happy Mother’s Day and I love you Grandma. Love, Job.”
– Anna Snyder – “Dear Mom, I know I don’t say it enough, but thank you. Thank you for driving hours to watch me run with laps around a track. Thank you for putting all your love into the meals you make. Thank you for supporting me even when you don’t agree with me. Thank you for listening to me rant about my day. And thank you for loving me even when I feel unlovable. Your favorite, Anna.”
– Abby Chasek – “Hi Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for all that you do! I have truly never met a more hard working and dedicated person. I know I may not tell you enough, but I greatly appreciate how you continue to go above and beyond. I hope you know how much I truly love you! You’re definitely the best Mom anyone could ask for. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are! Love, Abby.”
– Claire Hofer – “Dear Mom, Happy Mother’ Day! Thank you for everything you do for our family and me, making dinner almost every night and making our home warm and inviting. I appreciate how patient you are and always being there for me. You encourage me to do my best every day. I love you! Love, Claire.”
– Gracie Marckese – “Dear Mom, Thank you for always being there for me. No matter what decisions I make, you have always supported me and I can’t thank you enough. I love our relationship, how I can tell you anything and not feel judged. I know I’m leaving for school soon and you’re excited for me, but I know I’ll miss you lots. I’m sure you will get plenty of phone calls about my laundry, having no money, and how much I’m ready to come home. I know whatever comes my way, I’ll always have you by my side. I love you Mom! Gracie Marckese.”
– Lauren Johnsen – “To My Mom, Thank you for always being one of my top supporters in whatever I do. Whether it’s from volleyball to softball to watching me take senior pictures and getting excited for me. And for always being there when I need to talk and never my choices, but telling me how to improve for the future. Love, Lauren.”
– Evan Stevenson – “Dear Mom, Thanks for being a great Mother and giving me all I need to succeed in life. You always ensure that I am doing good and check up on me often. Thank you for all the delicious meals you have cooked. Without you I would not be the person I am today. Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Evan.”
– Fynn Greene – “Dear Mom, Thank you for all you do for me. You’ve always been one of my biggest supporters. I’m very lucky to have you. I’m always thankful to have a Mom who is so understanding, thoughtful, kind, and funny. Happy Mother’s Day! Fynn Greene.”
– Jase Johnson – “Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! I appreciate you taking the time to drive me to games and practices when I needed. Also, thanks for the time you took into driving hours away just to watch my games. I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You’re the best I could ever ask for. Love, Jase.”
– Gabbi Elmer – “Karla, Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You opened your door when I had nowhere else to go. Even though I’m not your daughter, you treated me as if I was, and supported me. You provided for me as a mother, although you had no responsibility to. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, and everything you continue to do. You are the closest thing to a mother I’ve ever had, and you didn’t even have to talk to me, let alone do everything you have. I really can’t say thank you enough. Gabbi Elmer.”
– Elena Gibbons – “Dear Mom, I appreciate you more than you will ever know. You’ve raised me to be the most strong and fearless person that I am today. You’re truly so amazing and you continue to amaze me every day. Many people believe that having a child of their ‘own’ is physically giving birth to a child and being blood related, but that’s not it at all. You adopted me from a country that was full of poverty, from a woman who knew she couldn’t love me and care for me like someone else could and that someone else was you. You made me your own child despite the difference in our skin and color and blood. The definition of mother is ‘bringing up a child with care and affection’ and that is what you do. The amount of people who have asked me, ‘who’s your real mom?’ is insane. This woman right here, she’s my real mother. She always has been and always will be. I love you Mom!” Elena Gibbons.
– Zack Rokey– “Dear Mom, Thanks for being there all this time. I know you have struggled along the way but you always made sure I’ve had a good life. I know I don’t say it enough but I am very thankful and I love you for you. I hope this Mother’s Day is the best you could ask for. Love, Zack.”
- Taya Fouts – “Dear Mom, I know we have our fights sometimes but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. Thank you for being the hug I always need, the person who always has a shoulder for me to cry on. I love how understanding, caring, and compassionate you are. So thank you for being my Mom. I love you! Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Taya.”
– Kyleigh Kespohl – “Happy Mother’s Day Momma! I wanted to thank you for everything you do for us kids. Lord knows how hard you work to make sure we have anything and everything we could ever ask for. You’ve been my best friend for so long and have always been someone to lean on. We kids have definitely hit the best Mom jackpot! We love you Momma! Your daughter Kyleigh.”
– Blake Hallendorff – “Hi Mom, just wanted to say thank you for being the coolest mom ever! You always support me and help me out when I need it like preparing for college. You’re always encouraging me to do better and work harder. Thanks for being the best Mom ever! Blake Hallendorff.”
– Aidan Coppejans – “Dear Mother, You are the best Mom I could eve ask for, you do so many things for me you don’t have to do. I hope you have an amazing Mother’s Day and have the most fun ever. And I see how hard you work around the house and it’s impressive you get so much done everyday with so little time and it usually looks great most of the time LOL. I’m just kidding but I love you so much really. You’ve really taught me everything I know, and I’m so grateful that you are my Mom. I don’t think there could be any better Mom out there. Love, Aidan.”
– Claire Toone – “Mom, To the world you might just be one person, but to me you are the world. As crazy as our lives have gotten this year, you’ve owned up to it and shown nothing but love and grace to each person you come across. To know you is to know kindness, passion, and acceptance. As I graduate this year people ask me what I want to be when I grow up and my answer is always ‘Oh, I don’t know, I’m just going into some general studies,’ but I do know that when I grow up I want to be just like you, a loving mother, a caring friend, and always a smiling face to see as people pass you by. The time you give to your family and even those you don’t know is so admirable as your daughter. I can’t even begin to express how much I love you. I will never be able to give you the proper thank you for being the most important woman in my life. Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Love, Claire.”
– Dalton Vavrosky – “Dear Mom, I wanted to say I love you for all that you have done for me. You have been there for me through thick and thin. You take care of me no matter what and would never leave me behind. You have taught me how to be a hard worker and to care for others. I want to say again I love you Mom. Dalton Vavrosky.”
– Maya Bieneman – “To my Mom, I just wanted to say thank you for your constant support and love. I love you so much more than you know, and I look up to you everyday. You have taught me so many valuable lessons, and I appreciate everything that you have taught me (even those pesky morals and values). Thank you so much for everything that you do for me! I hope you have a spectacular Mother’s Day! With lots of love, Maya.”
– Anthony Pierce – “Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for supporting me in everything that I do. Even though I may not act appreciative all the time, I am thankful for all the sacrifices you make to make my day better. Simple things like doing my laundry and making dinner for me are what make you the best Mom I could ever ask for. Love Anthony.”
– Shelby Copeman – “Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Everyone says they have the best Mom in the world, but I truly do. You work so hard to make everyone happy that you barely think about yourself. You are the most hardworking, strong and supportive woman I know. I might not say it much, but I appreciate everything that you do for me to be happy and to give me a good life. You deserve to have the best day ever! I love you and I am so grateful for you. Shelby Copeman.”
– Nicholas Koustas “Dear Mom, you really do live u to your self-proclaimed title of ‘super mom.’ You work very hard everyday, sometimes a bit too hard, but you still come home with a smile and ask how my day went. I can’t stress enough how important seeing you come home from work has been to me throughout the years. Our conversations are often the highlight of my day and I wish I could remember them forever. I hope you know that to me, you deserve the world for the amount of hard work and affection you used in order to raise me and Sis. So, for today, I’d like to offer my own special thanks to my very own ‘super mom’!”
– Harrison Neumann – “Dear Mom, It’s me, your favorite son Harrison. I’d like to thank you for probably being the best Mom in the whole world. There is no other Mom out there that works as hard to make their k ids happy as you. Everyday you go to work to make money to support our family, thanks for that. No matter what occasion, not matter what activity, you always support me in whatever I do. The amount of admiration you deserve would be impossible to truly reflect in writing alone. Thank you for being the best! Love, Harrison.”
– Donna Richardson – “Dear Mom, I love you so much! Thank you for everything you do for me like making my appointments, always making sure I eat, and never giving up on me. You do a lot not only for me but for everyone. Sometimes the things you do go underappreciated so I’m here to tell you that I APPRECIATE YOU! Thank you for helping me grow and become the best version of myself. I couldn’t ask for a better mother. HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY! Love, Donna.”
– Abby Lyford – “Dear Mom, Thank you for always being here for me. You have done so much for me and because of you, I have learned to be independent and not worry about what anyone thinks of me. I love our late night trips to b dubs and going to Wal-Mart just in hopes to see some crazy people. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I love you >3. Love, Abby.”
– Emma Dodge – “Hi Momma, it’s your double speaking. As much as I try to deny being your double you raised me to be exactly like you. There are so many characteristics I am so proud to have gotten from you such as how strong you are, how you are so respectful of others, and your humbleness. You have always been right by my side no matter what the challenge was. Making me laugh when I’m sad, cheering me on at sporting events, and always being down for an adventure and those are memories I will cherish forever. I hope you have the best Mother’s Day! Love, Your double Emma.”
– Ines Gonzalez – “Dear Mom, thank you for being the best Mom I could have asked for. Thank you for guiding me through life and helping me prepare for any obstacles I’ve had to face. I appreciate you for always being on my side regardless of the situation. I hope you have a great Mother’s Day. Love, Ines.”
– Isabelle Berry – “Hi Mom, I just wanted to say how much I love you and admire everything you do for our family. You are so strong and beautiful and I just want to thank you for all of your time and patience. I appreciate you and look up to you especially when I know you are struggling at your new job. Thank you for helping me with all of the college readiness struggles I am facing and I am going to miss you so much when I leave. I hope you have an amazing Mother’s day and many more. I love you, Isabelle Berry.”
– Jordan Haser – “Dear Mom, Thank you for everything you do for me. I’m beyond grateful for you even though I may not be the best at showing it. Thank you for taking me everywhere I need to go. Thank you for always supporting me no mater what. Love Jordan.”
– Brock Seei – “Dear Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks for being the best Mom. I really appreciate you doing anything for me like cooking great meals. Thanks for taking care of me the last 18 years. I am so thankful for everything you have done for me. Love, Brock.”
– Chase Leigh – “Dear Mom, I love you so much. I’m thankful for you bringing everywhere I needed to go. I’m also thankful for you that you work hard enough to feed our family and have a roof over our heads. I’m glad you have been there for me when I needed help. Chase Leigh.”
– Cooper Matthews – “Dear Mom, Thank you for being the best Mom in the world. Thank you for taking me to all my baseball games and soccer games and practices, even if it made your schedule hard. Thank you for being an amazing Mom and supporter. Thank you for everything! Cooper.”
– Kammie Ludwig – “Dear Mom, thank you for being my absolute best friend! Growing up throughout my life you’ve always taught me to be strong and hold my head up high. You’re always there to give me advice and lift me up when things aren’t going great. While some people aren’t as close to their moms, you’ve always been my person. We’ve been through 7-hour round trips to practices on school nights, always trying new places and being crazy enough to try new adventures by ourselves. It’s crazy to think I’m already a senior and moving 20 hours away from you. I’m so incredibly grateful for you and our bond! Love you always Mom!”