Orion Village Board grants Fall Fest street closures

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

Orion village board authorized street closings for the 50th Orion Fall Festival, which will be Friday, Sept. 2, through Monday, Sept. 5.

Fifth Street will be closed east of Central Park for the carnival’s use, Village President Jim Cooper told board members on Monday, May 16. Also, 10th Avenue will be closed from Thursday to Tuesday, Sept. 6, in front of the bars. A huge tent will cover most of the block for the Dueling Pianos performance and dances.

The bar owners are fine with this, Cooper said. J.R. Greenwood, who will be the new family and consumer sciences teacher at Orion High School, is closing Maple Street Grille. The new owner is Charged Coffee and Cocoa.

On the Saturday of Fall Festival, most of 11th and 12th avenues will be closed from 1 to 3 p.m. for the Fall Festival parade, Cooper said.

Part of 11th Avenue will be closed on Sunday for Orion Cub Scout Pack 123’s Soapbox Derby, the village president said.

Junk Week

The village employees traditionally conduct Junk Week starting the Monday following Main Street Orion’s community garage sale on the second Saturday in June. Residents can take whatever they didn’t sell to the curb, and as long as the items are legally allowed in landfills village employees will pick them up for disposal.

Board members have been discussing whether to continue with junk week. They decided Monday night to have village employees drive vehicles pulling trailers and to hire four or five high school boys to place items into the trailers. The village will provide gloves for the boys, who will be told to wear jeans.

Village Clerk Erin Lange said she will send out a newsletter with details.

Drainage, trees

Trustee Neal Nelson said Hutchison Engineering came out to eyeball drainage on Jason West’s property on 10th Avenue. West has talked to the board about an undersized pipe under the street carrying water onto his property, where he is erecting a building. The pipe ends halfway across the property.

Nelson said Hutchison determined the pipe is undersized because it had to fit in with water and sewer pipes. Extending the pipe at the current diameter won’t make things worse, but the pipe still will not carry all the water generated during a large rain event.

Cooper said the issue will be further discussed at the board meeting on Monday, June 6. In the wake of recent storms, he urged homeowners to have their roofs checked for hail damage.

Depending on the amount of rain and the speed with which it flows, the village has water issues everywhere, Nelson said.

Dean Tree Service has removed trees on Fourth Street and MidAmerican Energy Company is trimming trees in the village, the trustee said.

In other business

• Board members authorized closure of four parking spaces along 11th Avenue on the north side of First Baptist Church on Saturday, June 11, for a car wash during Main Street Orion’s community garage sale. The car wash will be in the alley behind the church, and the parking spaces will be used for cars waiting in line to be washed.

• Street Superintendent Neil Dahl was using up winter-formula patch, Nelson said.

• Cooper reminded drivers not to park over sidewalks, which forces pedestrians, including schoolchildren, to walk out in the streets with traffic.

• The village president said Deena Johnson of the Orion Fireworks Festival is requesting residents not to shoot off fireworks during the festival’s show on July 3. The competing fireworks make it hard to hear “The Star-Spangled Banner” and the names of sponsors.

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