Geneseo High School local scholarship night

Claudia Loucks
Graduating senior Carson Raya receives a local scholarship from GHS guidance counselor Zach Johnson.
Kaden Davison is presented with the Lanny Rae Minnaert Memorial Scholarship from Keegan Minnaert.
Taylor Zvonik receives a local scholarship from Tyler Mackey.

Geneseo High School students were honored recently at the Local Scholarship Night held at the school.

Several new scholarships were presented this year, including the Wirth Family Trust Scholarship, presented by Jason Wirth. The scholarship was created for students planning to attend a trade school.

In addition, another new scholarship is the Brock Parker Memorial Scholarship, which was presented by the Parker family in memory of their son, Brock, who died after being injured in a car accident in September of 2021.

Principal Travis Mackey credited Zach Johnson, guidance counselor; and Nicole Cherry, front desk secretary, for their efforts in making the night a success for students and guests.


-Wirth Family Trust Scholarship – Gage Tafoya.

-Northside Elementary School Scholarship – Victoria Gray.

-Northside Elementary PTA Scholarship – Ronnie Osborne.

-Geneseo/MS/HS PTA Scholarship – Kaden Davison & Olivia Egert.

-Chris Heath Memorial Scholarship – Drayton DeBoef & Jordan Porter.

-Christopher Pobanz Memorial Scholarship – Olivia Egert & Claire Hofer.

-Clara Kasnick Memorial Scholarship – Savannah Reisner.

-XI Nu Lambda Geneseo, IL Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi International Scholarship – Victoria Gray.

-Southwest PTA Scholarship – Taylor Zvonik & Clayton Baum.

-Stewart Lodge #92 John Laue Memorial Scholarship – Abbigail McGee, Aidan McConville & Colin McConville.

-Don F. Cherry VFW Post 5083 Scholarship – Simon Anderson.

-Brad Schoon Memorial Scholarship – Lauren Johnsen.

-Vivian & Maurice Kane Scholarship – Taylor Zvonik & Anthony Pierce.

-Ralph and Dorothy Graham Scholarship – Taylor Zvonik.

-Lyle and Helen Henry Memorial Scholarship – Sage Searle & Isaac Kuster.

-Francis G. Miller and Betty J. Miller Foundation Scholarship – Alexandra Buyck, Kylie DeJohn, Payton McBride, Sage Searle, Taylor Zvonik & Jason Blick.

-Geneseo Foundation Scholarships – Alexandra Buyck, Brynley Csstro, Andrew Cotty, Drayton DeBoef, Cesar Gomez, Victoria Gray, Justin Johnson, Kyleigh Kespohl, Lacey Laxton, Reagan Lommell, Payton McBride, Colin McConville, Emma Miller, Ronnie Osborne, Anthony Pierce, Jordan Porter, Alisande Rapps, Sage Searle, Will Verplaetse & Taylor Zvonik.

-Geneseo Lions Club “Doc” Paul Yackley Memorial Scholarship – Victoria Gray.

-Geneseo Lions Club Joe Sherbyn Memorial Scholarship – Lacey Laxton.

-Laura Fulton Preston Scholarship – Emma Frank.

-Arlyn W. Swiger Memorial Scholarship – Anthony Pierce.

-Eldon F. and Olive R. Swiger Memorial Scholarship – Emma Frank.

-Maice Quayle Memorial Scholarship – Keely Nguyen and Thomas Henson.

-Millikin Elementary PTA Scholarship – Emma Olson and Michael Emerick.

-Chad M. Ristau Scholarship – Kyle Lievens.

-Atkinson Women’s Organization Scholarship – Ella Olson, Emma Frank, Abigale Gentry and Autumn Holmstrom.

-Keith Follett Memorial Scholarship – Claire Toone.

-Royce A. Stenzel Memorial Scholarship – Kyle Lievens.

-Radicic Family Military Scholarship – Emma Olson.

-Livengood-Resser Scholarship – Anthony Pierce and Victoria Gray.

-Farmers National Bank Scholarship – Anthony Pierce.

-GFWC/IL Geneseo Women’s Club Senior Girl Award – Olivia Egert.

-Gracia L. Ague Teacher Scholarship – Colin McConville.

-Elmer Reedy Memorial Scholarship – Andrew Cotty.

-Dr. Bob Daniels Memorial Scholarship – Madison Holevoet and Keira Schehl.

-Geneseo Chamber of Commerce Scholarship – Carson Raya, Elysia Woulf and Reagan Lommell.

] -Rotary Strive Scholarship – Avery Dowell, Kylie Morrison, Emma McKusker and Alexandra Buyck.

-G.I.F.T. Foundation Scholarship – Hunter Clark-Holke, Drayton DeBoef and Cesar Gomez.

-Mary J. Ward Memorial Scholarship – Lauren Johnsen.

-Atkinson Booster Club Scholarship – Emma Frank, Ella Olson, Abigale Gentry and Nathan VanDeWoestyne.

-Walt Henry Public Service Scholarship – Carson Raya.

-Growth, Inc., Scholarship – Zander Ulam.

-Class of 1960 Scholarship – Danielle DeDecker.

-Geneseo Kiwanis Club Scholarship – Elizabeth Maciejewski, Elysia Woulf and Olivia Egert.

-Geneseo Education Association Scholarship – Maya Bieneman and Drayton DeBoef.

-JF Edwards Construction Company Scholarship – Anthony Pierce.

-Ted McAvoy Scholarship – Kyleigh Kespohl and Nathan McAvoy.

-John F. Edwards Memorial Scholarship – Emma Miller.

-Josephine Edwards Scholarship – Emma Olson.

-3 Rivers FCA Scholar-Athlete Award – Clayton Baum.

-Seth Ernst Memorial Soccer Slam Scholarship – Jordan Porter, Bailey Huizenga, Elizabeth Maciejewski, Ella Swanson, Hunter Clark-Holke, Nathan Vergane, John DeBord, Zach Nelson and Gage Tafoya.

-Jane Hamer Memorial Art Scholarship – Keira Schehl.

-Sid and Carlene Kemmis Scholarship – Kaden Davison.

-Roger and Mary Miller Scholarship – Chase Marshall.

-Rotary Club Academic Scholarship - Emma Olson and Abbigail McGee.

-Lanny Rae Minnaert Memorial Scholarship – Kaden Davison.

-Randy Anderson Memorial Scholarship – Nathan Vergane.

-Gloria and Don Feldman Memorial Scholarship - Emma Frank.

-Atkinson American Legion – Ella Olson and Emma Olson.

-Geneseo Quilt Guild Scholarship – Zander Ulam.

-Geneseo Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution – Emma Olson, Victoria Gray, Abbigail McGee and Rose Henderson.

-Brock Parker Memorial Scholarship – Connor Shipman.