Henry County Board District 1 candidate - Rex Kiser

Mindy Carls

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters will elect 10 Henry County Board members in both districts. Each party can have up to 10 candidates on the ballot.

During the primary on Tuesday, June 28, Republicans in District 1 will have 12 names from which to choose 10 for the general election ballot.

The Henry County Republic and Kewanee Star-Courier have sent questionnaires to all 12 candidates and will print their responses as they are received. Candidates were asked to limit responses to 350 words. The papers reserve the right to edit for grammar and spelling.

Name and hometown: Rex Kiser, Geneseo.

Education: Masters from Ball State University, and several accreditations from professional associations.

Work and volunteer experiences:

Currently serving as the treasurer of Henry County.

27 years as Senior SVP Lending, Central Bank IL Geneseo.

4 years as county board member.

Past President, Rotary Geneseo. Youth Coach.

Why are you running for county board?

To support the objectives of county administrator and county board in a reasonable manner using my past work and county experiences.

What are three priorities for the county, and why?

Represent citizens in my district and the county as a whole regarding county matters. To be objective in all county presentations.

What are three pressing issues facing the county, and why?

Funding costs of the health care for the staff.

Maintenance of the courthouse facilities and grounds.

Employing Qualitative Service-minded staff in a very competitive pricing environment.

What are top priorities for the county budget, and why?

Continue to support the needs of the county’s citizens through available funds if needed.

Stow's annual Town Election is Saturday, May 21.