Henry County Board District 1 - Kathy Nelson

Mindy Carls

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters will elect 10 Henry County Board members in both districts. Each party can have up to 10 candidates on the ballot.

During the primary on Tuesday, June 28, Republicans in District 1 will have 12 names from which to choose 10 for the general election ballot.

The Henry County Republic and Kewanee Star-Courier have sent questionnaires to all 12 candidates and will print their responses as they are received. Candidates were asked to limit responses to 350 words. The papers reserve the right to edit for grammar and spelling.

Name and hometown: Kathy Nelson, Geneseo.

Education: Orion High School, graduated 1966. Moline Institute of Commerce, June-December 1966

Work and volunteer experiences:

Deere & Company, 35 years, retired 2001.

John Deere Classic volunteer.

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (LSSI) volunteer .

LSSI Cornerstone Foundation Lifetime Trustee.

First Lutheran Church, Geneseo, Member and Volunteer

Why are you running for county board?

There are many important issues the county is working on and I would like to continue to be part of these important decisions for improving Henry County.

What are three priorities for the county, and why?

Managing expenses and income. We cannot be reckless with taxpayers’ money and must be prudent with expenses.

Addressing employee salaries. We must continue addressing salaries for our employees in order to retain them and recruit for the future.

Economic development. We need to keep Henry County competitive to attract new business, for people to reside and work here, and support our local businesses.

What are three pressing issues facing the county, and why?

NO DEFICIT SPENDING. We must have a balanced budget and not budget resolutions at year end to achieve that.

Building reserves for expenses/rising costs while being fair to taxpayers.

Addressing Best Practices ,which addresses all areas of the budget and the board.

What are three top priorities for the county budget, and why?

I have had the honor of serving 12 years on this board. Henry County is rich with resources and people; however, many challenges and difficult decisions are facing the board. This requires some previous knowledge as well as vision to make the best decision. I would like to continue being involved with the decision making process so that Henry County remains competitive and in an enviable position with neighboring counties. I would appreciate your vote on June 28. Thank you.

Voters make their way into the Rainbow City Community Center on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, for the Alabama primaries