Henry County Board District 1 - Ray Elliott

Mindy Carls

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters will elect 10 Henry County Board members in both districts. Each party can have up to 10 candidates on the ballot.

During the primary on Tuesday, June 28, Republicans in District 1 will have 12 names from which to choose 10 for the general election ballot.

The Henry County Republic and Kewanee Star-Courier have sent questionnaires to all 12 candidates and will print their responses as they are received. Candidates were asked to limit responses to 350 words. The papers reserve the right to edit for grammar and spelling.

Name and hometown: Ray Elliott, Atkinson.

Education: Triton Junior College, IBM School of Business, Postal Service: Finance & Human Behavior, Labor Law.

Work and volunteer experiences:

Henry County Board member, finance committee.

U.S. Postal Service.

National Association of Postal Supervisors, state president and national treasurer.

Atkinson Township: Trustee, clerk, supervisor.

Village of Atkinson: Board member.

Atkinson Kiwanis Club: Secretary-Treasurer and President.

Atkinson American Legion: Adjutant.

Atkinson Community Development Group: Board member, vice president, president.

Project NOW: Board member.

Why are you running for county board?

To be placed back on the Finance Committee which I have been on for the past three years.

Having the insight of everything that is being spent in each area of the county. Making sure we get the biggest bang for our tax dollar.

Maintain a tax level that is affordable to everyone. (EAV for properties is set by the state each year.) Making our county retirement friendly and making sure it is affordable when retiring.

What are three priorities for the county, and why?

Repair of the Clock Tower (historical building).

Replacing the boiler that is well over 100 years old.

(Non-energy efficient) Tear out and replace old pipes that could break at any time.

What are three pressing issues facing the county, and why?

The newest issue facing the county board is the runaway economy that has been going on the past several months. (Costs that have gone up.) Fuel, materials that are used every day, electric and gas, service calls on equipment.

This is a new issue and will now be a challenge monthly for the board.

What are three top priorities for the county budget, and why?

Right now, one of the major projects is to get broadband in place and can be used by everyone. We have found over the past few years that this type of service has been very important to everyone. Business people working from home.

Kids not being able to attend school because of a pandemic through no fault of their own. Farmers to be able to keep up with changes taking place daily. Policies have to be set in place and make sure that they are followed.

Retain as well as educate our county employees and have their input in reducing expenses as well as running efficiently.

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