Henry County Board District 1 - Joe Garrity

Mindy Carls

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters will elect 10 Henry County Board members in both districts. Each party can have up to 10 candidates on the ballot.

During the primary on Tuesday, June 28, Republicans in District 1 will have 12 names from which to choose 10 for the general election ballot.

The Henry County Republic and Kewanee Star-Courier have sent questionnaires to all 12 candidates and will print their responses as they are received. Candidates were asked to limit responses to 350 words. The papers reserve the right to edit for grammar and spelling.

Name and hometown: Joe Garrity, Geneseo.

Education: Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

Work and volunteer experiences:

Retired 40-plus years in leadership and management in communications industry.

Served in Army National Guard.

Financial Secretary, Knights of Columbus.

St Malachy Education Board.

Illinois Commerce Commission Advisory Board.

Leadership roles in Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.

Presently serving 2-year term on Henry County Board, member of Administrative Committee and Planning + Development Committee.

Why are you running for county board?

As a lifelong resident of Henry County, I decided to bring my leadership experience to work for the citizens of Henry County and to be their voice and continue to make Henry County a great place to live and provide a future for our families to grow.

What are three priorities for the county, and why?

Goal number 1: Continue to be fiscally responsible, have a balanced budget and save taxpayers money.

Goal number 2: Have transparency by keeping citizens informed.

Goal number 3: Keep cost to minimum while still providing great services for the citizens of this great county.

What are three pressing issues facing the county, and why?

Issue one: to maintain being on the cutting edge in this 21st century by providing services that will keep Henry County a leader in this state. High-speed broadband service is one tool that will help keep Henry County as a leader.

Issue two: To be active in supporting small businesses and providing opportunities for growth here in Henry County.

Issue Three: To continue to provide the opportunities for the agriculture community and provide growth.

What are three top priorities for the county budget, and why?

Priority One: Continue to have a balanced budget.

Priority Two: Provide services and needs for the citizens of Henry county while keeping priority one in check.

Priority three: Provide avenues for growth in this great county through opportunities and tools for the business and agricultural communities to succeed

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