What concerns did the Geneseo School Board address? Who's sponsoring which club?

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

The Geneseo School Board Met Thursday June 9.  Members Kyle Ganassin and Barry Snodgrass were absent. 

James Thompson of Colona commented during the public comments portion of the meeting that the recent shootings in Texas impacted him, and that anything necessary to keep kids safe in the school environment should be done or purchased without hesitation.  He also talked about the safety of kids on the busses, and stated that a review of safety procedures would be in order there as well. Board member Bill Menendez echoed the sentiment that "the 15 minutes after school can be the most frightening."

Julie Moore also brought an issue to the board.  Her son is entering college, and had been given inclusion and diversity training.  She brought up Critical Race Theory, which is the program her son was given the diversity training on.  Critical Race Theory is not taught in Geneseo schools. Moore stated that this kind of education, as well as sex education was best left to families to address, and not teachers in school. 

Superintendent Adam Brumbaugh stated that even though school is out, the buildings are still bustling with activity.  Summer maintenance has begun, as well as projects that were scheduled for the summer months. Summer school is in session, and seems to be well attended. Summer sports camps are in full swing. 

Ground breaking on the Vocational Center is on track for October, as Brumbaugh has been signing contracts, getting ready to start the project. 

In accordance with some legislative changes in schools policy for RTO, (Restraint and Time Out ), several changes to the existing policy was made, focusing more on the de-escalation of a situation, and calming the student, rather than on isolation and time out. 

Tim Gronski also looked at the end of the year budget, noting that the expenses were all on track with the exception of a 14% increase in insurance.  Reputedly cyber liability insurance is driving the price of premiums up. 

Three late resignations resulted in teaching openings in a high school counselor, a high school science teacher and a middle school Spanish teacher.   

The Board approved the following hiring and resignations in the District.

New hires and appointments

Alyson Anton                    GHS Co Facilitator BLT

Sara Bertelsen                 GHS Robotics

Sara Bertelsen                 Millikin Elementary STEM Summer School Teacher

Steve Brucher                   GHS Ping Pong Club

Sarah Degarmo                GHS Link Crew

Sarah Degarmo                GHS Robotics

Joseph DePauw                 GHS Musical: Director

Joseph DePauw                 GHS Fall Play Director

Taylor DeSplinter                 Southwest Elementary Math Instructional Aide

Michelle Glazier                  GHS Long Term Spanish  

Michelle Glazier                 GMS Long Term Sub 7th Grade Math  

Jessica Haars                    GMS BLT Member

Christy Herlyn                     GMS Builders Club

Jennifer Johnson                GMS Head Girls Softball Coach

Keith Kennett                     GHS Radio Club

Meaghon Kuster                 GMS Study Hall Para Aide/supervision and clerical

Elizabeth Loftus                 Northside Elementary Playground Supervisor

Ramiro Martinez                GHS Drumline Instructor

Kate Reed                         GMS BLT Member

Javier Reyes                     GMS 6th Grade Spanish Teacher

Carolyn Rusk                     GMS Assistant Girls Softball Coach

Dawn Sheddan                 GHS Special Olympics

Andrea Snook                  GHS Link Crew

Nicholas Verbeck             GHS Bass Fishing

Megan Verstraete             Special Olympics Sponsor

Jenny Young                     GHS BLT Member      


Alexandria Ator                 GHS Counselor, resignation effective end of school year 2021-22

Patricia Graves                 GMS Spanish Teacher, resignation effective end of school year 2021-22

Michael Harrington             GMS Track Coach, resignation effective end of season 2021-22

Ashley N. Morey                 District Instructional Coach, leave effective November 2022 (30 days)

Claire Nichols                     GHS Science Teacher, resignation effective end of school year 2021-22

Karen Ross                         Food Service, resignation effective end of school year 2021-22 

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