Orion High presents seniors awards

Mindy Carls

Orion High School presented its 10th annual academic awards night on Tuesday, May 10, in the historic band shell in Central Park. This is one of two stories.

National Honor Society

New members of National Honor Society were initiated, including Sawyer Engstrom, Isabelle Nordstrom, Keagan Blessman, Amariah Carter, Colin Essary, Corbin Kane, Kayleigh Kovac, Lauren Kruse, Haley Marshall, Melaina Meisenburg, Ian Niemeier, Katelyn Sellers, Adah Swanson and Eric Thorndyke.

Also, Owen Hink, Jennifer Abbott, Talen Butler, Alexander Edwards, Sofia Fernandez, Cole Kimball, Cole Kratzberg, Griffin Marshall, Andrew Meiresonne, Mary Mohr, Madeline Nightingale, Ella Sundberg, Alex Syslo and Karly Wampler.

Senior members recognized were Vaughn Bernhardt, Sawyer Engstrom, Kasey Filler, Owen Hink, Catherine Johnson, Avery Monson, Margaret Nedved, Chloe Rittenhouse, Sophie Selander and Chance Stropes.

Also, Anne Carlson, Courtney Farwell, Madison Greenwood, Quinn Hoftender, Gabriel Laleman, Dathan Moore, Isabelle Nordstrom, Kade Scharpman, Hope Seys and Abby Watson.

Biliteracy Awards

Spanish teacher Kaitlin Hutchcroft presented the State Commendation toward Biliteracy to students who demonstrated significant progress toward a high level of proficiency in English and Spanish.

They were Chloe Rittenhouse, Mackinzie Washburn, Isabelle Nordstrom, Addison Awbrey, Madi Greenwood, Elizabeth Wilbur, Quinn Hoftender, Kaitlyn Wilburn and Gabe Laleman.

Also, Avery Monson, Sydney Swope, Abby Watson, Chance Stropes, Jared Mohr, Owen Hink, Ben Sundberg, Sawyer Engstrom, Hope Seys, Derik Jungwirth, Anne Carlson and Leah Sears.

Seniors Maggie Nedved and Tim Nissen received the State Seal of Biliteracy, which shows even higher achievement in English and Spanish proficiency.

Top 10 percent

The top 10 percent of students in each grade were recognized for cumulative grade point average at the end of the fall semester 2021.

Juniors were Jennifer Abbott, Talen Butler, Mimi Carter, Sophia Fernandez, Cole Kimball, Haley Marshall, Eric Thorndyke and Karly Wampler.

Sophomores were Kaitlyn Greenwood, Brooklyn Haars, Emily Hickerson, Olivia Hunt, Micah Knox, Sadie Lough, Gus Nedved, Derek Nelson, Grace Passno, Kenadi Sovey and Maya VanDuyne.

Freshmen were Katie Angelos, Ian Bollinger, Amiliani Bradly, Nolan Buchen, Svea Carlson, Anthony Clark, Kallie DeBaillie, Kennedy DeBaillie, Aiden Fisher, Sawyer Fliege, Dayne Gibbons, Valerie Hickerson, Avery Knupp, Lainey Kunert, Avery Marner,

Jocelyn Marner, Lance Moore, Linah Pettifer, Lilly Pysson, Madison Reid, Aubrey Sandberg, Marley Stamer and Claire Weber.

National Honor Society initiation was part of Orion High School’s academic awards night on Tuesday, May 11, at the historic band shell in Central Park.

Illinois State Scholars

Seniors in the top half of their graduating class and/or scoring in the 95th percentile on the SAT or ACT qualified as Illinois State Scholars. They were Anne Carlson, Madison Greenwood, Quinn Hoftender, Gabe Laleman, Dathan Moore, Maggie Nedved, Izzy Nordstrom, Chloe Rittenhouse, Chance Stropes and Abby Watson.

Salute to Academics

Seniors with special recognition in the Quad-City Times were:

The Arts — Sophie Selander.

Humanities (English, speech, social studies, languages) — Catie Johnson.

Leadership — Madison Greenwood.

Math and Sciences — Chance Stropes.

Vocational Education — Quinn Hoftender.

Young Journalist — Kasey Filler.

Academics — Maggie Nedved.

Orion High School’s National Honor Society chapter recognized senior members on academic awards night on Tuesday, May 11, at the historic band shell in Central Park. On the left, junior officers at the podium are Jennie Abbott and Eric Thorndyke; in the middle, counselor Jennifer Bakener holds a certificate for each senior, and on the right, senior Avery Monson receives a gold cord for graduation from Principal Nathan DeBaillie.

Ag and FFA Awards

The Tommy and Lindsay Nicholson Leadership Award was presented to juniors Jennie Abbott and Kinslee Whitcomb for demonstrating leadership and scholarship.

Hunter Gustus received the DeKalb Agriculture Award as the outstanding senior FFA and the Raymond Kuhn Award as a four-year senior FFA member with outstanding scholarship and citizenship.

Based on an application, resume and interview with FFA alumni, he was awarded the FFA Alumni Scholarship.

Band and Choir Awards

The John Philip Sousa Band Award winner was Anne Carlson, and the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award winner was Tim Nissen.

Catie Johnson received the National Choral Award.

Athletic Awards

Maggie Nedved and Chance Stropes were the senior athletes with the highest grade point averages while participating in two or more sports each year of high school.

Zoe Larkins received the Matthew H. Andrae Athletic Scholarship as the senior athlete who best exemplifies leadership, dedication, teamwork and strong work ethic on and off the field.

She also received the Gregory Nightingale Memorial Award for playing varsity soccer during her junior and senior years. Besides showing a love for the game, she maintained a 3.0 grade point average and made plans to continue her education after high school.

Character and Leadership Awards

The DAR Good Citizenship Award, sponsored by the Geneseo/Cambridge Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, went to Madison Greenwood for dependability, service, leadership and patriotism.

Seniors receiving the Stephanie Jones Memorial Award were Abby Watson and Gabe Laleman, for living life to the fullest and finding time to laugh and love everyone.

The Tom W. and Lindsay G. Nicholson Memorial Award was presented to Courtney Farwell and Quinn Hoftender for demonstrating the highest qualities of a congenial and principled lifestyle in school and in the community.

Anne Carlson, Izzy Nordstrom, Sophie Selander and Abby Watson received Duain and Helen Johnson scholarships. They maintained “at least a 3.5 grade point average, participated in community service either through church, school, clubs or other organizations and demonstrated high moral and ethical character and leadership qualities.”

Speech Contest

Madison Greenwood placed first and Chloe Rittenhouse second in the original speech contest.

Future Educator Scholarships

Courtney Farwell received the Charger Pride Award for a student preparing for an education-related field. Applicants must participate in extracurricular activities and show growth in leadership skills and work ethic on and off the field.

The Orion Education Association Scholarship went to Madison Greenwood, who plans to major in an education-related field. She demonstrated good citizenship, industriousness, leadership and dependability.

Health Scholarships

The Deanne Zurcher Memorial Award for a student preparing for a health or fitness-related career while demonstrating exceptional character in school and in the community went to Sydney Swope.

Sophie Selander received the Myron M. Robinson Endowment Scholarship for a student who will prepare for a career as a registered nurse, a medical doctor or a medical technician.

The Rock Island Optometric Scholarship for a senior interested in eye-related or other medical fields was awarded to Maggie Nedved.

Moore “Dream Big” Scholarships

Wendell “Buzz” Moore established scholarships to provide monetary support for students going on to a four-year university or a trade school. The students must show “an entrepreneurial spirit, a strong work ethic, ‘respectable’ grades and financial need.”

Courtney Farwell and Maggie Nedved received $2,250 a year for two years, and Madison Greenwood and Avery Monson $4,500 a year for four years.

During Orion High School’s academic awards night, Maggie Nedved, left, and Tim Nissen celebrate receiving the State Seal of Biliteracy from Spanish teacher Kaitlin Hutchcroft. The awards night was Tuesday, May 11, at the historic band shell I Central Park.