Geneseo Council approves union contracts, congratulates Detective Jamie Shoemaker

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

The Geneseo City Council met June 14 at city Hall, Councilmen Brett Barnhart and Paula Simosky were absent. 

Chief of Police, Casey Disterhof introduced recently promoted officer Jamie Shoemaker to the Council.  She recently was promoted to the rank of Detective, having been with the Geneseo force about a year,  Shoemaker expressed the fact that she has enjoyed working with the Geneseo force.

A reminder from Mayor Sean Johnson that the Thrill on the Hill fireworks event will take place July 2, with a rain date of July 3, and a call for aldermen to help collect donations at entrances to the park. The event is free and funded by the City and free will donations.

After a brief review of City accounts, the Council adjourned to closed session.  Emerging from closed session, City Administrator, Brandon Maeglin reported that agreements had been made with the Fraternal Order of Police for a 2.5 year contract with the City, as well as a 2.5 year agreement with the IBEW for the electric and streets and cemetery departments.  They are still in negotiations with the IBEW regarding the water department. New contracts will begin 7/1/22, ending 12/31/24.   Over the course of the contracts, employees will receive 3, 3% wage increases (07/01/22, 01/01/23, & 01/01/24). Current employees will contribute 3% more than they currently do to their medical insurance premiums, and future employees of the City of Geneseo (hired 01/01/23 and after) will contribute 10% more to their premiums than active employees currently do today.  

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