Andover Council discusses summer maintenance plans

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

The Andover Village council met June 6. All members were in attendance. 

The water tower painting project was reviewed. The village will be going forward to get bids for the water tower interior painting project, as well as a generator to be shared by the Village and the Water Department. Hutchinson Electric gave a rough estimate of cost of one. Dave Riddell, Water Operator, was asked about contractors for the painting project, and answered that Putnam County Painting has done it in the past, and also does it for the communities of Cambridge and Orion. The suggestion was made to ask Jack Kusak, City Engineer, to give some other suggestions for painting contractors. 

Gazebo restoration is going slowly. Mike Mielke suggested having a contractor finish the work, since volunteers are hard to get. He had contacted Randy Swanson from Osco, who is interested in the job. Mielke will be meeting with Jeff Hutchinson regarding electrical work at the gazebo, and suggested that Mark Putnam, who is working on the ceiling, and Randy Swanson also attend.

BYO Recreation will start work on the park benches, as soon as they are given a purchase order or payment. In order to save the $700 shipping from Red Bud, Illinois, south of St. Louis,  Elma Gay and her husband will go down and pick them up, once finished. 

Mayor Mielke and two others interviewed and hired a young lady from Cambridge who is interested in summer help. She will start immediately. Caleb Spranger, who has helped out in the park in the past is available Tuesdays and Thursdays. Logan Gass who was hired, also works two other jobs and is unable to work for the Village.  

Aaron Willett suggested to the Council that a second aerator for the lake be kept on hand. The one that failed was under warranty and was repaired, but the IDNR advises that one be running at all times in the lake. Funding up to $1000 was approved so that a second unit could be purchased and on hand in the event of a failure.  

Henry County Board is interested in projects that were submitted to them for consideration for ARPA funding. They have requested more information.

The 2022-2023 Budget and Appropriations were reviewed. Several adjustments to the budget were made, citing increased utility costs and increasing supply costs. Total General Fund Budget with revisions was $395,960.00 and Appropriations $488,900.00, the Water Department Budget was $178,725.00 and Appropriations $194,550.00. The Board passed the budget unanimously. 

Andover Lake Park’s gazebo brightens the drive along Illinois 81 on Saturday, Dec. 19.