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80 In Canada

I was lucky to have spent my 80th birthday in Ontario. Three buddies, Dennis Schoening, David Schoening, David Jansen, and myself traveled last Friday to Bluffy Lake Lodge, Ear Falls, Ontario. It was our 4th trip to the lake. The resort is small, secluded and is the only one on both Bluffy and White Mud Lake. The owners, Dean and Donna de Neui, are very nice people. Donna baked me a birthday cake and gave me an autographed fishing cap.

Dan Dauw was presented a birthday cake from the                                  Bluffy Lake Lodge owners at Ear Falls, Ontario, Canada.

On this trip we caught more big walleyes and northerns. After a day and a half, we arrived at the cabin, quickly threw everything in our boats and off we went. We caught so many big walleyes that it was almost difficult to find smaller ones, 18” legal size or smaller! The best live baits were leeches, minnows, and nightcrawlers. Lures worked well, but we all lost lures due to snags and big fish. Jigs with twister tails worked great! I lost two really big northerns, but I should have used wire leaders. Stupid me, smart fish!  We ate walleyes everyday except two days we had porkchops and steak for supper. Walleye chowder was my favorite! Walleye tacos was a close second. Whatever, freshly caught walleye is so good! The weather was excellent!

(l. to r.)  Dennis Schoening, , David Schoening and David Jansen enjoyed  a "Shore Lunch" with Dan Dauw at White Mud Lake, Ontario, Canada.

We had a traveling trophy to see who could catch the biggest walleye or northern? David Jansen won in both categories. His walleye was just shy of 30 inches. Darn showoff!!! We saw the following wild animals. 1 black bear, 1 moose, some eagles, seagulls and a rabbit. 

If you think gasoline is high in our country, try Canada. Taking in consideration the difference in the imperial gallon, it came out to $8.00 a gallon! Ugh!! Getting “to ‘n fro” through customs was a breeze. Not so with one vehicle two cars ahead of us. American custom agents got into it with some bad guys. Their SUV was confiscated. By the way, you cannot bring live bait, potatoes or dairy products such as eggs, across the border into Canada. One kind of strange thing happened at the Canadian crossing. The lady officer asked, in a strict fashion, why was the word, “FISHN” on my vehicle’s license plate? I felt like saying, “It’s because I like baseball!” But getting wise with a custom’s person on either side of the border is not a smart thing.

Dan Dauw caught some walleye "eaters" and a northern pike on Bluffy Lake, Canada.

A big “Thank You” goes to my three fishing buddies and Dean & Donna that I mentioned before, for helping this old angler get around. If my health holds out, I’d like to make one more trip to God’s country, but “80 in Canada” might be my last hurrah. Anyway, the “Big fisherman in the sky” has the final say on that wish!

Senior Fishing Derby

Because of space for a few more photos that Lorna took at the Geneseo Ikes “Senior Fishing Derby,” I think I’ll put an article and photos of the derby in next week’s column. So, I don’t forget, it is important to thank Geneseo Izaak Walton volunteers Don Banning, Vic Bianchetta, Glenn Sigwalt, and Larry Wienke for helping Lorna with the derby.


The other day I asked the “Hazelwood Pharoah” what’s the difference between ignorance and apathy? He said, “I don’t know and I don’t care!” English is weird. A few examples: 1) The bandage was wound around the wound. 2) He could lead if he would get the lead out. 3) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.