Henry County Board questions Ameren charges, says goodbye to another member

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

If you think you're feeling the pain this year every time you open the power bill, the County has had the same sticker shock exponentially. 

County Administrator, Erin Knackstedt,  explained to the Board Thursday June 26, that the delivery portion of the Ameren bill has gone from $5 per KW to $236 per KW.  This is an increase in the delivery fees and capacity charges  for the power.  Interstate Commerce Commission rules allow no markup on the actual cost of power used. 

Historically, delivery costs for a year have been about $1,800 per year.  The projected cost for the year will now be $27,000.  The cost of actual power and gas is in addition to this figure.  Knackstedt expects that amount to double from $45,000 to $90,000. A representative consultant used by the county to negotiate better energy rates is expected to be invited to a future meeting to explain the issue.

Kelli Parsons, a veteran Board member, in a teary farewell speech, stated that the last 7 1/2 years of serving alongside other members has been rewarding.  She currently heads the Finance Committee, and this was her last meeting.  She will be moving out of the County. Her greatest accomplishment was seeing that the county's funds were appropriately spent. 

Avengrid's wind farm project is moving along, 25 wind turbines will be erected in Burns Township in the coming months.  Recognition was given to Highway Supervisor Scott Stephenson, regarding the road upgrades necessary to bring in the heavy equipment to erect the towers.

A hazmat incident earlier in the month was overseen by the Office of Emergency Management, when an Ace Hardware truck overturned on Route 80.  Many of the materials used in cleaning up the spill had been depleted, and were being re-stocked. While directing traffic at that incident, a driver neglected to move over in observance of "Scott's Law" and struck, possibly totaling, a deputy's squad car.  

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