Geneseo Council approves union contract, wage agreement with non-union employees

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

The City of Geneseo has approved the last union contract with the IBEW and the City's wastewater employees.  The agreement mirror the previously approved contracts with the City's other unions, with 3% increases yearly over the next 2.5 years, and employees shouldering more of their health costs.  

The agreement with non-union and clerical staff also contains the same wage increase provisions, but employees will be responsible for an additional 5% of their health insurance costs, with future employees shouldering 15% of those costs. 

Eric Rowald, Director of Electrical Operations, spoke to the council regarding cost of fuels necessary for City operations.  The City uses mostly unleaded gasoline for vehicles, and will need to purchase an additional transport tanker, or 7500 gallons for operations. The City will also need to purchase more diesel to use as well.  Even purchasing with the enhanced pricing the City has, the City will spend an additional $21,500 for fuels than has been budgeted.  Skyrocketing diesel costs will keep Geneseo from purchasing a complete tanker full, so they will purchase smaller increments until January when the most attractive pricing will be available. 

Geneseo's three "Welcome" signs are in and have been erected.  They are placed at entrances to the City on both the east and west entrances on Route 6 as well as on the north side of town on Route 82. 

Geneseo Welcome sign 2022

Aldermen were asked to volunteer for shifts accepting donations during the "Thrill on the Hill" July 2.  City Administrator Brandon Maeglin noted that with the recent dry spell, the community is requested to be mindful of water usage.