Galva Council hears reports of rash of catalytic converter thefts

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

Police Chief Kraig Townsend reported that 5 catalytic converters were stolen off of cars and trucks in Galva last week. He said they use cordless sawzalls  and seem to target SUV’s and trucks because they are easier to get under. He noted that the converter on foreign cars seems to bring more money. Four of the cars were customer cars at a local service establishment and one was parked around the Galva downtown square.

He noted, “It is frustrating but it is happening.”

The Galva Council approved to purchase a  used hydro excavator and the last 18 new fire hydrants for a cost of $180.000. The city borrowed the money from Community State Bank for 6 years with 4.5% interest  rate for the purchase.

The council unanimously approved their appropriations ordinance  which was 2,995,056 compared to last years $2,929,447 which is a $65,609 increase.

Superintendent  Greg Thompson reported well number 5 had problems and it is getting harder to get parts. He said it cost $13,000 for the repairs.

Supervisor Richard Plummer reported Henry County has scheduled the road work for the first week in August for Galva.

Alderman Jim Hartman reported he had a complaint in his ward just East of the High Rise of a pitbull that gets loose and seems to sneak up on people when out in the yard.

City Administrator David Dyer said he will talk to the Galva Park District about the possibility of the city paying for a permanent fence to go around the North and West side of their  property. He said that each event that the City comes to fence the area off, it takes at least 40 man hours to put up the temporary snow fence.

Dyer said he would like to have a few residents bring in their Ameren bills as he was trying to get the rate reduced for the town.

City of Galva