Smith Studios features landscapes from "driver's perspective"

staff writer

Through the months of August and September the Smith Studio and Gallery is sponsoring an exhibition of the paintings of Crystal Lake artist Kurt Kamholz. During high school Kurt took every art class he could, then he continued his fine art studies at Illinois State University. It was while he was in college that Kurt became focused on painting the Illinois landscape through his studies under the landscape painter Harold Gregor. Kurt was also inspired by the work of Monet and that great master’s control of light and color.

As an adult, Mr. Kamholz started a series of paintings he has titled “The Sunday Drives”. The idea for these paintings first popped into his head many years ago during the countless hours he spent driving his daughter to college in St. Louis and back again. The Illinois landscape may be flat but it is also beautiful, and he wanted to develop a way to capture the landscape from his perspective as a driver. Mr. Kamholz writes, “…a good portion of our lives are spent looking out at the world from the windows of a speeding car. This gives us a truncated view of things – we can’t see up or down, only out and to the side, and then for only a moment. We catch a glimpse of a scene and then we are on to the next view, over the next hill, around the next curve.”

Photo Attached – Kurt Kamholz with paintings titled “Rising From The Corn” (held in hands) and “Heading East On Route 6” (in background).

Mr. Kamholz created the concept of using a long, squat series of connected canvases that represent the view from a car window. He keeps the subject simple, without a lot of detail. He concentrates on the light and the color of the landscape. These paintings are his impressions of the simple beauty that is all around us, even though it may be only a fleeting glimpse.

The Smith Studio and Gallery is located in downtown Geneseo, IL. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10:00-5:00, closed on Sunday and Monday.