Galva dance team creates "Human Sundaes" for fundraiser

Carol Townsend
The Galva High School Dance and Drill team  held their Penny Wars fundraiser Sunday night at the Levitt Amp  concert in Wiley Park.

Josh Dunn and Joe Sallee were the tied winners of the contest to be the human sundaes.

Dunn took the microphone and said since two women had worked so hard to make sure they became the sundaes, that Sallee and himself would donate the same amount that they made in the contest to have them also be sundaes Sunday night. 
The fundraiser made $1,500 for the dance and drill group.

Pictured in the back are the Galva Dance and Drill team  making the sundaes and the sundaes from left are Ashley Olin, Meg Sallee, Joe Sallee and Josh Dunn.

The Galva Dance and Drill team is coached by Ali Weston.