Meet the new Geneseo City Administrator

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

Brandon Maeglin was officially appointed Geneseo City Administrator after serving six months as the Interim City Administrator at the July 12 Geneseo City Council meeting. Previous to that, he was the City's HR director and held the office of City Clerk.

Maeglin currently lives in Colona with his fiance' Tabitha Belton, and three cats, Miles, Millie and Gizmo. Tabitha originally hails from Orion, and works for the Army Corps of Engineers on Arsenal Island. They are expected to relocate to Geneseo.

In his free time, Maeglin can be found working on rental properties, golfing or in pursuit of a 50" muskie on some Wisconsin lake.

Born and raised in Moline, Maeglin attended Black Hawk College and got his Bachelor's Degree at Illinois State University, graduating in 2007. He has worked in different Human Resources capacities in Illinois and Iowa for the private security industry focusing on employee and labor relations, before accepting the position with the City of Geneseo.

Brandon Maeglin

"I have always enjoyed working in the HR field because you are constantly presented new challenges and situations that require creative problem solving." remarked Maeglin. "Coming to work for the city, I have been able to use the creative parts of my brain even more with community projects, social media development, and other initiatives to help promote Geneseo. Being a small organization, I have had the opportunity to work closely with our employees over the past 6 years and learn about how the municipality functions. I still have a lot to learn, but I was comfortable accepting this new role because of the experienced and supportive staff that we have right now. "

Maeglin notes that although sometimes there are differences of opinions, the thing that he and all the elected officials agree on is they are all driven to do what is best for Geneseo, taking that responsibility seriously.

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Recently the Maeglin was involved in the negotiations of contracts with the four labor units in representing city employees. This is a duty the City Administrator takes point on, assuring a good working relationship with those unions. "It is a priority for me to keep those strong lines of communication open" declared Maeglin.

The role of City Administrator is important as Geneseo is governed as a non-home rule community under Illinois law with a charter ordinance. It operates under a Mayor and City Council form of government with a full-time City Administrator. The City Council appoints the City Administrator and Chief of Police. The City Council has designated the City Administrator as the primary decision maker for all administrative operations-other than police functions. Accordingly, the Chief of Police coordinates with the City Administrator, Mayor and City Council to contribute to the development and implementation of policies, projects, programs, strategies, and goals for the delivery of services to the citizens of Geneseo. In contrast, the City Administrator provides those functions for the Administrative, Finance, Public Works, Water, Electric and Sewer Departments.

The City Administrator apparently loves his job. "I get up every morning and am excited to come to work. It may sound cliché, but what energizes me about working here, and what makes Geneseo so unique in my opinion is how the people here pull together for the greater good of community. You just don’t see this amount of care and dedication put into that mission in other cities. Being a servant to the community and getting to see projects come together and people appreciating the services that the city provides makes this role very rewarding. The new position requires me to drive our economic development initiatives and to continue the conversation about how we grow while still maintaining the culture and community feel that makes Geneseo special. I look forward to working together with the staff and community to keep moving the ball moving forward."