Who got a new house? Who sold it to them?

Geneseo Republic

Norma J. Hepner Declaration of Trust and Robert L. Hepner Trust to David and Abigail McCall, 9032 E. 2850th St., Kewanee, $248,500

Norma J. Hepner Trust and Robert L. Hepner Trust to Bennett Kuster, 28520 N. 900 Ave., Kewanee, $191,500

Estate of James L. Rounds to Joseph Cordray, 329 E. Main St., Hooppole, $71,500

Damon VanRycke to Deryk McDowell, 418 E. Park St., Geneseo, $94,000

Michael Fleming to Barbara and Eric Tracy, 1308 4th St., Orion, $139,000

Brandon and Michelle Duncan to Chad McDaniel, 437 Wilshire Dr., Colona, $205,000

Ronald and Julie Brenny to Jeffrey and Monica Young, 8392 Wolf Rd., Colona, $85,000

Steven and Amanda McCord to Melisa and Christopher Wagler, 31 Deer Ct., Geneseo, $245,000

Steven and Jacqueline Johnson to Nathan and Shelby Welch, 208 Carroll St., Colona, $193,000

Lynn Palmgren to David and Michele Nelson, 400 N. College Ave., Geneseo, $146,000

Larry McCormick to Patricia and C. Luther Fors II, 517 Colleen St., Woodhull, $3,500

Lance A. Longeville to Daisy and Frank Angelcyk, 302 E. Central Blvd., Kewanee, $40,000

Lance A. Longeville to Daisy and Frank Angelcyk, 802 N. Main St., Kewanee, $30,000

Rockford and Ruth Spanton to Jonathon Houston, 212 S. Poplar St., Cambridge, $80,000

Brian and Cynthia Stone to Daniel Porter and Abby Russell, 270 Melrose Dr., Colona, $165,000

Isaac Stewart to Scott Donsbach, 145 E. Church St., Kewanee, $100,000

Lloyd and Carmen Foster to Kelsey Rakestraw, 504 S.State St., Annawan, $175,000

Virtue Farms LLC to West Grant Development, Inc., rural route, Kewanee ,$2,265,500

Bradley and Lindsay Werkheiser to Elizabeth Farmer, 214 N. Center St., Galva, $65,000

Jeffrey Anderson, Jennifer McDowell, Dana Anderson to Amanda McCandless, 162 West 5th Ave., Woodhull, $58,000

Jack and Patricia Gregory to Nolan Petty and Ted Petty, 320 and 324 Main St., Galva, $50,000

Lori Dhabalt to Caden DeLoose and Lauren Larson, Lot 25 in Hardins Third Addition to the Village of Orion, $106,000

Hazelwood Development Inc. to Brian and Jessica Haars, 960 Curcuru Dr., Geneseo, $339,500

Jason and Jennifer Pearce to David and Laura Babcock, 318 E. Palace Row, Geneseo, $175,000

Lauren Potter (Karen Heying Trust) to John Murray and Richard Murray, 511 S. Grove St., 304 S. Tremont St., 511 W. 1st St., 400, 410 and 414 5th Ave., Kewanee, $227,000

Shaun and Amber Gruszeczka to Jeffrey and Lorene Daniel, 410 and 406 Ross St., Kewanee, $59,000

Gerald and Angela Westefer to Christopher Wittmeyer and Jamie O’Neill, 711 and 707 W. Division St., Kewanee, $98,000

Derek and Heather Gottwalt to Timothy Smith, 317 E. Park St., Geneseo, $223,000

Daniel Hahn to Julie Demuynck, Kristopher Specht and Ray Specht, 210 McKinley St., Hooppole, $75,000

Alpha Assets LLC to CIF001A LLC, 417 E. Orange St., Geneseo, $133,500

Jacob Verscha and Kelly Dooley (Verscha) to Nicole Sellon, 236 E. McClure St., Kewanee, $127,000

Jayson Schmelzer and Russell Boyce to Travis and Stacy Campbell, 332 N. State St., Geneseo, $115,000

Jason and Julie Hoffman to Cartus Financial Corporation, 1 Bayhill Drive Ct., Coal Valley, $495,000

Cartus Financial Corporation to Cheryl and John Ballantyne, 1 Bayhill Drive Ct., Coal Valley, $495,000

Ronald and Alisha Gordon to Alexandra Loeffelholz, 617 1st St., Colona, $105,000

Alexander and Sarah Lane to David Johnston, 18323 N. 400th Ave., Galva, $175,000