Letter to the Editor - Geneseo Good Samaritans

Beth Welbers
Geneseo Republic

I hope this will find its way to the fine gentlemen who helped me last Monday August 8th. I was driving my Coachman Leprechaun with my VW Beetle towing behind, when I wound up facing a 10' bridge under the railroad trestle on highway 82. Oh, Dear! What to do!

I didn't fret long as someone, perhaps an off duty paramedic, immediately stopped to see if I needed help. Yes, Please!

Before I could even turn around, a second Good Samaritan, I think his name was Brad, blocked oncoming traffic with his vehicle. Immediately, the Geneseo police arrived to re-route traffic from behind. Lickety-split, these three good men removed the car from the tow dolly, unhitched the trailer, turned around the motor home, and put the whole thing back together. This work, which would have taken me an hour, took these fine men 20 minutes, tops. I was then back on the road to home in south east Wisconsin.

I was traveling with my three grandchildren and it was most important for our adventure to complete without dire incident. They were enthralled by the level of aid, but to top it off, the police officer gave Jr. Deputy badge stickers to each. These three men turned our day around!

I want to publicly thank these superior Geneseo citizens as without them the outcome could have been so much different. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your town receives a shiny gold star for the actions of these men.

Jackie Bynsdorp