Galva schools see large kindergarten class for 2022

Carol Townsend
For the Geneseo Republic
Three junior high students and two high school students were commended Monday night at the Galva School Board meeting. The students all took places in track last Spring in sectionals and state while they were all junior high students. Pictured, from left, is Ian Pacheco and Reid Harris. Absent from the photo were Bryant Jeffrey, Kay’ Leanna Latcham, and Natalie Hawes. Hawes and her family have moved from the district. Tayler Kuenneth was the girls track coach and Josh Harris coached the boys.

The Galva school board set September 19th at 6:55 p.m. for the 2023 budget hearing. The proposed revenue is $6,744,758 and the proposed expenses are $6,312,838.

The class of 2023 will graduate on Sunday, May 21st at 2 p.m.

The Galva board learned Monday night that there is a large kindergarten class starting this school year. It was reported there are 41 students in 2 classes.

The board approved the E-Learning plan for when school can not be in session.

The days will have five hours of instruction from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and depending on the grade on how instruction is handled,

Superintendent Joe Becker presented information on electric buses and Galva receiving these busses.

Galva is on the preferred list of electric buses that is part of a grant program through the Environmental Protection Agency as part of the Infrastructure Bill.

The district must have vehicles to swap out in order to receive electric buses and Galva has two buses that they currently own.

Each electric bus costs approximately $400,000 and each voucher is valued at $375,000 towards the purchase of the bus.

Also schools can receive up to $20,000 to apply towards the power requirements of the charging station. Becker said he has a lot of reservations about this and has decided to wait until maybe next year. He said the battery system in the buses are over $100,000, and the buses only can go 130 miles on a charge

He said they would have to be used on school bus route as you could not travel far with them until other schools had them otherwise there would be no charging stations.

He also said that it was very unclear on how much the cost would be for Ameren to put in the charging systens.

He said that transformers might have to be replaced in some cases. The deadline to apply is August 19th.

Brittany Boston was President pro-tem in the absent of board President Andrew Larson.

The board also:

  • Accepted the resignation of Krista Loncka from the Leo Club activity
  • Approved Vicki Conner as Leo Club supervisor
  • Approved Whitney Fahner as long-term substitute for Elementary music and Jr/Sr high school choir
  • Approved reassignment of Jeremy Painter to JH math teacher
  • Approved reassignment of Tricia Klein to high school math teacher
  • Approved Mark Jeffrey as head 8-man football coach
  • Approved Sierra Dunn and Eric Anderson as assistant 8 man football coach
  • Approved Matt Bersell as long-term substitute for JH/HS social studies for first semester
  • Approved Mimi Schweitzer as student teacher at the Jr/Sr high school
  • Approved Ali Weston as a long term substitute/observing counselor at the Jr/Sr high school fir first semester
  • Approved Amanda Norway as high school scholastic coach
  • Approved Toni Pickard as JH scholastic bowl coach
  • Approved Jennifer Maertens as 6th grade teacher
  • Approved Drew Larson as cafeteria worker