Dan Dauw column: Historic pistol saved from trash heap

Dan Dauw
For the Republic

In memory of my old buddy, Ron DeBruyckere, who passed away on Sept.1, 2015.

We were best friends since 2nd grade. We officiated basketball together for 42 years. At our weddings, he was my best man and vice versa. Hard to belief it’s been 7 years since his passing. I still miss the guy a lot. He’s with God and so he’d better darn well put a good word in for me.

Fall Fishing

The water temps will start to get cooler and that means fish will start feeding more aggressively. As for catfishing, that is especially good. What is not so good when fishing the Mississippi is the dead vegetation floating downstream. It’s part of nature, but it can be a pain trying to keep the stuff off your line.

Saved from destruction

It took some work and red tape, but I saved a WW2 German Luger from demolition! It all started some months ago when I saw the pistol on TV. The Luger, along with other firearms, were destined to be destroyed. I thought, “Oh, no! The Luger is a piece of history and a collector’s item!”

Luckily, the pistol was allowed to be donated to a museum. Fortunately, Lorna and I are board members of the Henry County Historical Museum. Our museum President, Roy Swenson, also had to sign a form to allow the transfer. A special “thank you” goes to Moline Police Detective, Michael Griffin, for his assistance.

It is now displayed under lock ‘n key in the Military Room at the H.C. Historical Museum, Bishop Hill. It will be next to a WW2 M1 rifle and a WW2 Japanese Arisaka rifle.

DU Banquet

Just a reminder that the Geneseo Chapter 093 of Ducks Unlimited will hold their 42nd Annual Banquet on Sept. 24. This big event will be held at the Best Western Inn, 315 N. Canal St., Annawan, IL. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. with dinner served at 6 p.m. There will be both silent and live auctions plus raffles. For more information contact Dale “Double barrel” Doubler, Chairman, at 309-945-3516.

Senior Humor

One thing that is nice about forgetting names and faces: You keep meeting new people every day! (Ha! It recently happened to me in church as I could not remember the Hazelwood Pharoah’s daughter’s name!)

f you don’t wake up aching in every joint, well, ‘yer probably 6 feet “under” the grass. I stay young by only buying foods with preservatives.

Double Meaning

I object to that object. I need to read what I read again. Excuse me, but there’s no excuse for this. I’m not content with this content.


Picture this! A chicken minister standing behind a casket of a deceased chicken.The good minister says out loud, “…..and though we’ll never know just why this fellow chicken crossed the road, we can be rest assured that he is now, at last, on the other side!"