One Heck steps down at Galva library, another steps up

Carol Townsend
For the Republic
Galva Library Director Melody Heck recently handed the baton to new Director Lauren Heck.

The Galva Public Library’s new director is Lauren Heck. She lives in Galva with her husband David.

She has a lot of new ideas that she hopes to implement in the near future.

She has allot of training in software and programing.

Story hour will start again in the Fall for pre-schoolers.

She hopes to gets some new programs, game nights, children’s programs, after school programs and craft night going this Fall.

She said that library has a printer that can print from cell phones, print black and white copies as well as color copies.

Lauren can teach a small group something on the computer or help fill out an application with someone who needs help. She is well versed in computers.

The Galva Library has access to over six million Ebooks.

All of the Galva Standard and most of the Galva News newspapers are online due to money left from the Marvelle Herbster estate.

The Galva High School yearbooks which are the Galahi’s are online from 1950-1988. The Library and the Galva Wiley House Museum have many older volumes also.

The Library also subscribes to and anyone is welcome to come and check out their ancestors.

The staff deliver to shut-ins and the library is handicapped accessible.

During Melody’s time as director the Galva Public Library has made the following accomplishments:

  • Joined RSA and cataloging the library’s collection in the shard database
  • Developed an automatic hold program for favorite authors
  • Expanded the large print collection
  • Accomplished numerous building projects such as new HVAC system, carpeting, painting, cement work, restroom remodel for ADA compliance, exterior work on façade and trim, new windows, landscaping, and new roof.
  • Secured grants to bring public access computers and the internet to the library for patrons
  • Webpage developed and subscribed to online content for patrons
  • New furniture and shelving in various areas of the library
  • Elimination of overdue fines

Melody’s last day was Aug. 31. She said she felt said she felt very lucky to be able to make a career of something she liked so much. “I only hope that throughout my years here, I have helped to pass on this love I have for a great book.”

The Galva Library was built in 1909 and 1910. Money was raised for the brick building through the Galva Womens Tuesday Club. Andrew Carnegie paid for the bulk of the building. Carnegie paid for many libraries in the United States. His stipulation was was a town to have the and and would keep up the building once it was built.

The Galva Library has had many Library leaders in the last century.

Blanche Morgan, May 1910-July 1916; Olivia Peterson, July 1916-January 1922; Blanche Morgan, January 1922-February 1926; Amy Wiley Houghton, March 1926-December 1933; Eva Goodale, December 1933-August 1943; Amy Seeley Nelson, August 1943-June 1971; Imogene Farquer, July 1971-April 1975; Anna Laura Powers, May 1975-November 1980; Faith Burdick, November 1980-March 1983; Ann Larson, March 1983-August 1994; Constance Ericson, August 1994-March 1996; Melody Heck, April 1996-August 2022; and Lauren Heck, July 2022 to present.

The present library hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 to 5:30 p.m.; Friday 1-5 p.m. and Saturday,9 a.m. to noon.

These hours are from Memorial Day to Labor Day and then the hours will change.

The present Library board are: Linda VanDeVelde, President; Sheryl Anderson, Vice President; Barb Carvello, secretary; Randy Anderson, treasurer; and board members Gloria Wilson, Pat Emmerson and Donna Carlson.