Galva Park Board reorganizes; VanDeVelde picked as prez

Carol Townsend
The Galva Park District Board’s officers. From left, Pete VanDeVelde, who was elected president last Wednesday night; Laura Nordstrom,, secretary; and Larry Morse, vice president.

Pete VanDeVelde was elected Galva Park Board president last week, with Laura Nordstrom elected to serve as secretary and Larry Morse as vice president.

VanDeVelde replaces Katie Lauren, who will remain on the board after stepping down as board President.

The board discussed the pool will soon be winterized by Tri State. The pump has been installed and the board is looking forward to a full season in 2023. This year they closed early due to a pump failure and part of the season passes were refunded.

Superintendent Nathan Glaser reported that the tractor is at Boocks getting fixed as the wheel had fallen off of it.

The board will tell the City of Galva they will pass on planting any more trees at this time as the city had offered them the trees to plant.

Board member Patrick Sloan was absent from the meeting.