Dan Dauw Outdoors: Brock given Izaak Walton Tobin Award

Geneseo Republic
Geneseo Ikes' President, Brian Herron. left, recently awarded Doug Brock the Tobin Award for all his excellent volunteer work for the Geneseo Izaak Walton League.

Congratulations goes to Doug Brock, Geneseo, upon receiving the Izaak Walton League “John W. Tobin Award.”

The chapter’s volunteer appreciation award is given to an individual for outstanding devotion to the Geneseo chapter. Doug served as the club’s Secretary and Treasurer each for four years. He also served on the board for eight years and worked on many club projects.

Wild Game Feast

The Boy Scout Troop 131 will host their annual wild game dinner on Saturday, Nov. 5, at the Geneseo Moose Lodge. The hours are from 4:30 to7 p.m. They ask for a donation of $12.00 for ages 13 and older; Ages 4 – 12 is $6 and those age 3 and under is free. There is no discount for Belgians so take heed Dale Doubler, Keith VandeWoestyne and Tom Vandemore.

The scouts will be serving buffalo, pheasant, duck, venison, salmon, turkey, chicken, plus all the trimmings.

There is something for everyone. Also, there will be a Silent Auction with lots of neat items. I might be wrong, but I think there is a framed, autographed photo of Wayne Peterson. Last year one went for a high bid of 12 cents! To be serious, this is one of those fun events that you don’t want to miss plus it helps the boy scouts with their projects.

Ikes Ham & Bean

This annual event was recently held at the Geneseo Ikes Park on a beautiful Saturday evening. It was open to the public and the attendance was excellent.

Chief cook, Kent Anderson, along with many Geneseo Izaak Walton volunteers and Boy Scout Troop 100 served up great soups and the trimmings. Live music added to the enjoyable outdoor festivities.

10 Keepers

Where are the channel cats? Last week, Gary Dahlquist, Tom Simpson and myself must have tried a dozen places searching for catfish on Old Man River.

We managed ten “eaters” and released about half that number of little dinks!Hate to say it, but the dying vegetation is now starting to float down the river.

Queen Elizabeth II

What a classy lady she was. Through the years we visited England twice and the people we talked with had nothing but high praise for the Queen. During WWII, while she wasn’t queen, she still did her bit in the military for “God and Country!”

I suspect the past few years were especially tough dealing with family problems, the death of her husband and the pandemic. Still, she handled adversities with grace and dignity. May God bless her soul.

Hearing Humor

Dean Yoder recently said to one of his golf buddies, Lynn Paris, “Well this week we can only play one day.” Lynn said, “No, Monday’s no good. Besides it’s suppose to be windy.” Dean replied, “Wednesday? That’s not great for me. How about Thursday?” Lynn said, “I’m thirsty, too. Let’s have a drink!”


  • Gas is still so high that our letter carrier, Jen, is working from home. She called me yesterday and read my bills to me.
  • Two buzzards stand in front of a road kill. The one buzzard says, “Lord, bless this meal, and the trucker who prepared it!”