Dan Dauw: Vintage farming, vintage flying wrap vintage summer

Geneseo Republic
Bishop Hill  recently held its annual "Ag Day" annual event. Corben Strand, Bishop Hill, enjoys his dad's rebuilt IH tractor. Corben also helped operate some of the old time harvesting machines.

The Vintage Farm Show held in Atkinson on Sept. 17 was excellent thanks to Dave Carton and his volunteers.

The food was good and the J.C. Old Fashion Ice Cream is still uno 1, in our opinion. I was also happy with the attendance at my WW2 presentations. Afterwards, I was invited to give the same presentations at the Princeville Heritage Museum.

Both the Geneseo and Bishop Hill Henry County Historical museums had outside booths at the event. They were manned by Angie Snook, Kathy Edwards and Roy “Swede” Swanson. Of course, it was interesting to see all the antique farm equipment, tractors, and riding mowers. I told Dave that if I’m still around, next year I’ll give presentations on the U.S. Navy.

Anyway, Lorna and I certainly enjoyed the event.

Miracle Blue Grass

This eight-piece Blue Grass/Christian music band performed recently at the Geneseo Kiwanis “Guest Night.” They did a GREAT job!

Some months ago I asked musicians Lynn Paris and Steven Flatt if they could sometime play that great Civil War ballad, The Vacant Chair. What a wonderful surprise when they announced that thesecond to the last song would be that classic Civil War song. I was glad that Linda Flatt gave a little history about the song before they played it. That song really gets to me and I must admit it brought some tears.

Now that I think of it, maybe it was the singing of Steven and Lynn. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to hear the Miracle Blue Grass Band, do so! They are really good!

Future Pilot

Our grandson, Caden Nommensen , age 15, loves airplanes. Our daughter, Caden and myself share our love of flying in the wild blue yonder.

Caden Nommensen, 15, recently was able to fly in pilot Bob Johnson's replica WW2 Mustang. Caden loves airplanes and wants to be a pilot one day. He is the grandson of Dan & Lorna Dauw.

A while back there was a Silent Auction at an event and I was the highest bidder for a free flight in Bob Johnson’s replica P-51 Mustang. A few years ago the same thing happened with our daughter as she flew in the Mustang’s backseat. Bob built the airplane himself and it took three years plus a heck of a lot of rivets. He is now working on building another aircraft similar to the oldPiper Cub plane.

Caden was able to handle the plane’s control for a good amount of time and he totally enjoyed the experience. He wants to someday get his pilot’s license and is working towardsthat goal.

In short, “Aeroplanes Are Awesome!”


My doctor told me recently I had “pedestrian eyes.”I asked, “What’s that?”

He said, “They look both ways beforethey cross.”

I call my pet salamander, Tiny. “Why, you ask?” Because he’s my newt.


Jim Luikart’s priest stopped by Jim’s house the other day.

He said, “Jim, you are sort of getting along in years, so maybe youshould start thinking about the hereafter.”

Jim said, “I do all the time. Whenever I am in the kitchen, in the laundry, living room,basement……..I ask myself, now what is it I’m here after?”