GHS students take part in Fields of Faith national event

Claudia Loucks
For the Republic
A group of students gather in prayer at the Oct. 5 Fields of Faith held on the grounds of Geneseo High School and in the school’s athletic facility.

About 130 students attended the 2022 Fields of Faith gathering held Wednesday, Oct. 5, at the Geneseo High School athletic field and in the athletic facility.

Fields of Faith is a student-led and student-driven event where young people gather to stand together against the pressures and temptations in the world and be a generation committed to reading the Bible and applying it to life. Students invite, pray for, share with and challenge their peers to read God’s Word and follow Jesus Christ.

Geneseo High School senior Bennett Kreiner was one of the three students who shared their testimonies at the Fields of Faith held in Geneseo.

According to Cole Hartman, director of Family Ministries at Geneseo Evangelical Free Church, the Fields of Faith gatherings are held each year on athletic fields across the United States and world.

He said at least 130 students attended this year’s Fields of Faith “and the best part of all is seeing the room filled with young people, regardless of the number. This event is focused on the gospel being shared with students from our own community and from cities that surround Geneseo, because this event brings in students from schools all around Geneseo.”

Fields of Faith is organized each year by the Geneseo Chapter of Fellowship of Christian Athletes.Each year there is a speaker and the 2022 speaker was Conner Brinson, director of Student Ministries at First United Methodist Church in Geneseo.