Here's who bought and sold property in Henry County last week

Compiled by Susan DeVilder
For the Star Courier

Property transfers for the week of Oct. 27- Nov. 3

  • John and Kelsy Steele to Ted Carton and Jeanne Carton, farmland, Atkinson, $140,000
  • Brian Koch to Daniel and Erica Wolf, East 2050 St., Atkinson, $1,135,500
  • James LaCamera to ACG Holding LLC, 206 S. Park St., Alpha, $60,000
  • Gary and Rebecca Colter to Karnal, Inc., Lot 2 of Lot 2 of Lots 9 and 10 of Block 2 of Wells Addition to the Original Town, now Village of Cambridge, $45,000
  • Jesse and Sara VanIseghem, Charles Rhoades to Mark and Laurie Nelson, Lot 3 of the West One Half of Block 8 of Andrew McWhinney Addition to the Village of Orion and also the West One Half of an Alley lying East of and adjacent to said Lot 3 in Henry County, $12,000
  • Ryan and Amanda Ferry to Mark and Laurie Nelson, A tract of land being part of the West Half of Lot 4 and vacated West Half of the Alley lying adjacent to the West Half of Lot 4 of Block 8 of Andrew McWhinny Addition to the Village of Orion, $1,500
  • Dianne Hopping and James Hopping to Nicholas Ballard, 415 N.W. 2nd St., Galva, $225,000
  • Verlin S. Stauffer Family Trust and Elizabeth Stauffer Declaration of Trust to Kathryn Bollinger, 515 Dwight St., Kewanee, $49,500
  • Jacob and Chloe DePauw to Sydney Rusk, 15598 N. 1500 Ave., Geneseo, $145,000
  • Julie Slusser and Paul Slusser to Alberto Pereda, 600 W. Central Blvd., Kewanee, $32,000
  • Judith Whalen, Susan Henness, Patricia Lauber to Saddle Club Farm Corp., the South Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section 35, the Southwest Quarter of Section 55, except 35 acres of said Southwest Quarter being that portion of said Southwest Quarter lying South of the existing fence which fence lies south of the drainage ditch through said tract, a part of the Northeast Quarter of said Section 35, all in Township 18 North, Range 4 East of the Fourth Principal Meridian, Henry County, $1,575,000
  • Tyler and Marie Rumbold to Linda Wilk, 330 Beach St. South, Kewanee, $60,000
  • Robert and Lynda Carroll to Jared and Kathryn Lowe, 1035 McGwire’s Dr., Geneseo, $450,000
  • Brian and Kayla Coopman to Alyssa Tompkins, 122 Rustic Lake Dr., Colona, $405,000
  • Nick and Jacque Holke to Allisha Delgado, 24819 E. 1280 St., Geneseo, $345,000
  • Sydney Rusk to Ryan and Danika Fulcher, 758 N. Center St., Geneseo, $100,000
  • Michael and Kristen Worley to Hannah Kain and Nicholas Verbeck, 53 Rose Ct., Geneseo, $228,000
  • Kurtiss Jagers to LNBGR Inc., 127 W. Mill St., Kewanee, $13,000
  • John and Julie Boling to Jason and Sasha Wilson, 401 S. Adams St., Kewanee, $35,000
  • Kevin Thomson to Tyler Nichols and Claire Nichols, 500 Crescent Dr., Kewanee, $325,000
  • Edith Aldred to Carmen Gonzalez, 810 See St., Kewanee, $33,500
  • Tyler and Claire Nichols to Victoria Clark, 1300 N. Main St., Kewanee, $176,000
  • Tim and Yvonne Hahn to Jeremy and Nicole Nelson, 116 NW 6th Ave., Galva, $20,000
  • Daniel Baum, executor of the Estate of Paul R. Young to Marc Taets, The South 62 feet of the West 94 1/2 feet of Lot 2 of the North 58 feet of the West 94 1/2 feet of Lot 3, all in Block 6 of the Original Town, now City of Geneseo, $146,000
  • Nicholas and Molly Lensing to Taylor Wright, 223 E. Pearl St., Geneseo, $140,000
  • Janet Williams and John Donehower to Michael and Jennifer Dierikx, 525 Greenway Ave., Colona, $125,000
  • James and Mary Ann Clifton to Merrill and Sally McDonald, 213 E. South St., Geneseo, $125,000
  • Ronald Gastfield to Jackie McClain, Lot Number 8 in Block Number 2 of William H. Lyles First Addition of the Village, now City of Kewanee, $10,000
  • James and Tamara Bryan to Jesse and Paige Humphrey, #2 Whispering Oaks, Kewanee, $325,000