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More than 1 million children's toys were taken off store shelves this year because of the risk of injuries and deaths, a USA TODAY analysis shows. The analysis found a total of 27 types of toys were recalled in 2022 for reasons ranging from choking hazards to laceration risk to potential poisoning. 

For the holiday shopping season, USA TODAY analyzed and classified thousands of recalls made by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and companies across the country over nearly 5 decades. 

At least 1,127 toy recalls were issued from Feb. 24, 1974, to Nov. 3, 2022. The most commonly recalled items were dolls, plush toys, action figures, and toy vehicles, including from big manufacturers and retailers. 

If the toys were bought before a recall was issued, some companies offered refunds, repairs or replacements, or simply asked consumers to dispose of them.

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The federal safety commission has jurisdiction over thousands of consumer products, from toys to televisions to appliances. Visit USA TODAY’s safety recalls page to search for other types of products. 

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