Galva Police still awaiting clues for shooting incident

Doug Boock

Galva Police are still awaiting information they hope will help them learn who and why someone shot a Galva man while he was sleeping early one morning in April.

Police Chief Jerry Clark said July 28 that information is still needed to determine who shot  Robert Daum, 44, of 12 NW 4th St., while he was lying in his bed about 1:55 a.m. that Saturday morning.

“We’re still waiting for evidence to be returned from the crime lab and from state police,” Clark said Monday.

What authorities do know is that shots were fired from outside the home, entering through a bedroom window. Neighbors heard the gunfire, which included multiple shots. No other damage was reported.

Police learned of the shooting when Daum called 911. He was conscious when officers arrived, bleeding from a buttocks wound.

Daum was taken to Kewanee Hospital by Galva-Bishop Hill Emergency Medical Service and then transported to OSF St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, where he stayed until Monday, April 28, Clark said.

In previous reports, Galva Police have said the shooting was “targeted, not random,” adding that residents do not need to be concerned about their welfare.

The incident nonetheless caused a stir among many residents. It was the first reported gunshot wound in Galva since 1982.