Authorities say trio was making meth

GateHouse News Service

Probable cause has been found to believe Tammy Hagerty, 32, and Jennifer Jaco, 33, both of Galva, committed a felony, following arrests made last week in connection with an alleged methamphetamine operation in Galva.

Hagerty is charged with Class X felony aggravated unlawful participation in meth manufacturing, Class 1 felony possession of anhydrous ammonia, Class 1 felony possession of a deadly substance, Class 2 felony possession of meth-manufacturing material, four counts of Class 2 felony meth-related child endangerment and Class 3 felony possession of meth, less than five grams.

Jaco is charged with Class X felony unlawful meth conspiracy, Class X felony aggravated unlawful participation in meth manufacturing and Class 2 felony unlawful meth-related child endangerment.

Detective Sue Cervantez of the Black Hawk Area Task Force testified in Henry County Court on Monday that she and other Black Haw Area Task Force agents executed a search warrant at 516 NW 7th St. in Galva (Hagerty’s residence), and found everything needed to make a meth lab in the basement, including HCL generators and a tank of anhydrous ammonia.

Cervantez said four children ages 7 to 14 were home at the time of the search, three of whom belonged to Hagerty.

According to Cervantez, Hagerty told authorities that a third co-defendant, John Bengston, 49, had been living in her basement for about 18 months and  paying his rent in meth that he cooked.

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