Putting the pieces back together, slowly

Doug Boock
Bob Daum pauses at the water fountain in Veterans Memorial Park following an interview with a reporter on July 8.

Bob Daum rarely sleeps. Catnaps are the norm.

“I sleep two or three hours a day, and that’s it,” he said Thursday.

Daum also walks somewhat gingerly, the result of losing his lower right leg. The prosthetic leg he wears causes children to sometimes stop and wonder at it.

His blood pressure’s high, and he’s undergoing professional counseling. He takes several pills daily.

“I’m taking stress-related pills, mood pills, anxiety pills . . .” he said.

He seeks relief from painful memories – ones that refuse to go away. They’re etched deeply in his mind.

It’s one of the traumas of being a gunshot victim.

That night – Oct. 27, 2008 – has changed Daum’s life. Nearly two years later, he’s still dealing with the effects of being wounded by gunfire while sleeping in his Galva home. Worse, it was the second time in six months it happened – he was also shot while sleeping April 26, 2008. His ex-wife and her boyfriend are both serving prison terms related to the incidents. Daum’s daughter, 13 at the time, was also ordered to foster care for involvement in the incidents.

But Daum, 46, is imprisoned himself, in another way. With bars that seem unbreakable at times.

“The mental . . . the nightmares . . . the waking up in a cold sweat,” he explained.

“I’m fighting a lot of emotional problems right now and taking a lot of medications,” he said. “I’ve got PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – in which I have a lot of flashbacks and don’t sleep well at night because both shootings happened at night while I was asleep.”

Daum’s gunshot injuries are perhaps the first suffered by a Galva resident since the late 1970s.

The fact he survived both incidents is amazing.

For the rest of this story, see the July 16 Galva News. The story will also have a second part which will appear in the July 23 Galva News.