Goodrich still pushing fire-service envelope - verbally and in writing

Doug Boock
Art Goodrich sits at his computer during a recent podcast of his show, “The Voice of Reason,” dedicated to issues with fire service.

Art Goodrich understands fire service. And through his writing and speaking efforts, people globally can learn more about it, too.

Goodrich, a Galva native who has resided at Woodhull for many years, maintains an extensive writing load, touting the ins, outs and other aspects of firemen, fire safety equipment and other fire service issues. His byline has appeared on hundreds of Internet blogs and articles, with his first blog appearing in 2001.

“I was blogging before they invented the terms ‘blog, blogger, blogging,’” said Goodrich, a former 22-year member of Clover Township Fire Department, for whom he served as chief 14 years.

A 1970 graduate of Galva High School, Goodrich stated small, writing for in 2001. He then wrote a couple stories for That caught the eye of the website owner of, who asked Goodrich to blog for him. Over 200 articles later, Goodrich’s still doing it.

His work has also caught the attention of industry experts. He was recognized last year as one of the top 15 fire service bloggers in the nation by

“During my active time on the fire department, I was never one to sit back and take it as it came,” said Goodrich, who’s a trustee of the Clover Township Fire Department. “I wanted to explore new equipment and new tactics. I wanted to push the envelope and to challenge those around me to raise the bar and then to raise it again. In a way, I am still doing that, but now I do it through blogging and discussions.”