Geneseo Police antenna could be placed on water tower

Lisa Depies

City officials are considering relocating the police department’s repeater antenna from atop the city hall building to the south water tower, located near Farm &?Fleet.

Geneseo police chief Tom Piotrowski said when the new police station/city hall was under construction in 2006-07, bids were accepted for the repeater antenna.

Two of the bidding companies indicated the watertower would be the best location for the tower.?The third company — and ultimate lowest bidder — showed city officials research indicating the tower would work fine if placed on city hall itself.

“Everything looked great on paper,” said Piotrowski, who added the reality has been less than optimal.

“Some officers are having difficulties having the dispatchers hear them or being heard by other officers in the field,” explained Piotrowski.

The problems relate only to the radios carried on officers’ uniforms. Radios in the department’s squad cars work without difficulty, he said.

“We use (the uniform) radios every day. This is a safety issue. I’d hate for a call not to be heard during an emergency,” said Piotrowski.

The antenna relocation, “will help optimize our radio communications,” said the chief.

Alderman?Keith?Kennett asked Piotrowski if the city would receive any recourse from the company which initially installed the repeater antenna on city hall.

“We’re working to try and resolve that,” said Piotrowski.

Geneseo aldermen unanimously approved the request to relocate the antenna.