School success starts in the home

U of I Extension

With a new school year underway, getting off to a good start is vital for children’s attitudes, self-confidence and performance. Parents are their children’s number one teacher and coach.

Milly Kaiser, University of Illinois Extension Family Life Educator, offers some advice to help parents lay a solid foundation for school success:

•Be sure your children get plenty of sleep. Children need adequate rest in order to do well in school.

•Help children maintain good physical and mental health. Create healthy eating habits and time for physical activity. Schedule regular doctor and dental appointments.

•Set a morning and after-school routine and stick with it.

•Designate a place for homework. Together with your children, arrange a comfortable space that is conducive to learning.

•Ask your children about their day at school and interact with them to continue learning at home.

•Show your enthusiasm for education. If you are excited, your children are more likely to feel this way.

•Share a positive attitude about learning. Your attitude and values play a big role in your children’s education.

•Expect success. Make sure your children know that you expect them to do their best.

“These suggestions may seem basic, but research has shown that parental involvement in a child’s education is crucial to success,” says Kaiser. “Parents can start by showing a genuine interest and enthusiasm for learning.”