Call 'em the Mid-County Cougars

Doug Boock
Galva and ROWVA co-op athletic teams will be known as the Mid-County Cougars, following voting results released last week. Players for AlWood-ROWVA (left) and Galva (right) are seen battling on the football field this past fall.

Co-op athletic teams fielded by Galva and ROWVA will be known as the Mid-County Cougars, and they’ll wear uniforms featuring blue, black and white colors.

The team name, mascot and colors were all chosen by current students in grades 7-12 at Galva and ROWVA. Results of their voting were compiled last week.

Galva and ROWVA will begin co-oping teams in 2009-10. Teams will be high school boys and girls golf, high school cross country, junior high football and junior high football cheerleading.

In 2010-11, high school football will also co-op.

“The students were the driving force behind the names, mascot and colors,” explained Galva Junior-Senior High School Principal Richard Kucharz.

Students came up with many options for name, mascot and colors. Two rounds of voting were then held to determine winners.

Mid-County was chosen from a list of three finalists that included Central Plains and Northeastern. Others in the top six were Black Hawk, County Line and Prairie Grove.

Cougars defeated Huskies and Panthers as mascot. Other top six mascots were Aggies, Coyotes and Wolves.

“I think it’s a good name,” said ROWVA High School Principal Joe Peters. “We had numerous suggestion from kids in both schools, faculty and community members. I think the ones we came up with were neutral and something different and I think that’s what we wanted to do, a fresh start for both schools across the board.”

The blue-black-white combination defeated blue-black-yellow. Blue and black will be the dominant colors.

The colors include a color from each school - ROWVA’s black and Galva’s royal blue. Both teams also currently have yellow tones in their colors.

“Because of the color combination, the overall color combination was really limited to black-blue-white or black-blue-yellow,” Kucharz said. “We would like to use as much as we can of the existing black and blue equipment to keep costs down.”

Galva and ROWVA officials have said they’ve enjoyed working with each other in putting the co-op together. On Tuesday, Peters said he’s looking forward to seeing it come to fruition.

“I think it’s going to be an exciting time,” he said. “It will be a period of transition, especially for Galva since this will be their first time to co-op, but the work we’ve done with them has been great so far. I’m looking forward to getting started next year.”

Galva co-oped football with Williamsfield last year, but had just one Williamsfield player on the high school teams and just two at the junior high level.

ROWVA and AlWood will co-op football together in 2009-10, as they have for the past few years.

In 2010-11, AlWood will co-op football with Cambridge, as it has with many other sports with that school district the past few years.