With 8th now done, they now look to high school ahead

Sharon Murray
Alex Strom (left) and Greg Larson were named winners of citizenship awards at the Galva eighth grade promotion ceremony held June 3 in the Galva High School gym.

The promotion ceremony of Galva’s eighth grade class was held Wednesday evening, June 3, at 7 p.m. in the high school gym. Forty-five students gathered to celebrate this milestone.

The eighth graders were led in during the processional by seventh grade honor guard student council members Melanie Edmonds, Max O’Riley, Dani Gibbs and David Jeffries. Both the processional and recessional were played by the Galva Junior-Senior High School band, under the direction of Pamela Lee.      

Opening remarks were given by Conner King, and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Matt Bersell.

Student council President Alex Gustafson gave the welcome. She spoke about how her class had begun a class quilt in Mrs. Kim Lindberg’s kindergarten class, made from pictures they each had drawn. 

“Our class is like a quilt, adding on new squares each year,” Gustafson said. “Each time we argue, laugh, or accomplish something together, stitches are being sewn into our class blanket. The next four years of high school will be our final squares of our quilt.”

Carl Nelson of Hagberg-Hamlin American Legion Post 45 of Galva presented the Citizenship Awards to Alex Strom and Greg Larson – one boy and girl who had been nominated by their teachers and voted upon by their classmates. These awards are based on scholarship, leadership, good citizenship, honesty, and high moral standards. 

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