Billtown inquires about co-op interests

Carol Townsend

The Galva Board of Education has received a letter from Williamsfield School District, asking about the possibility co-oping all high school sports.

Currently, Williamsfield offers boys golf, boys basketball, baseball, volleyball and softball. Williamsfield is also in the last year of a two-year agreement to co-op football with Galva.

The letter states that the Williamsfield district had 77 high school students in 2008-09 and that similar letters were sent to eight school districts. The eight districts are Galva, Brimfield, Elmwood, Farmington, Knoxville, Princeville, Stark County and ROWVA. All eight are within a 20-mile radius of the Williamsfield district.

The letter states that Williamsfield is a member of the Inter County Athletic Conference.

The Galva School Board discussed the letter Monday night, and decided to contact Williamsfield to explore the issue.