Christmas break a great time to kick back, relax

Katie Huffman
Katie Huffman, a freshman at the University of Illinois from Galva, is writing letters from college which are being published once a month in the Galva News.

No deadlines? I didn’t know that existed anymore! I have been home on break since Dec. 18. It is nice to be home and see my family and friends along with just getting to kick back and relax!

It was definitely an adjustment coming back home. There were no street lights shining through my window nor screaming and yelling down my hallway. However, the biggest adjustment was not being able to walk out my door to hang out with friends. I soon realized, though, they were only a phone call and a short drive away.

I was excited to see my brother when he came home for Christmas, even though it was only for six days. Of course, he still knows how to push my buttons. But hey! He wouldn’t be doing his job as a big brother if he didn’t!

My friends and I have had a great time hanging out, catching up, sledding, and even making more friends. I recently reunited with a friend from my freshman year of high school whom I haven’t talked to since that time. It was definitely a great experience to rekindle that friendship and compare our new walks of life.

Along with that, my hometown friends are always a blast and are always successful in putting a smile on my face and keeping the laughter flowing.

For the rest of Katie Huffman's letter, see the Jan. 7 Galva News.