About that UM vacation schedule . . .

Spencer Clark
Spencer Clark shares his thoughts about the vacation schedule at the University of Michigan, where he is a student, in this week's "Letter Home from College" in the Galva News.

Hey everyone, I hope your holidays went well.

I finally got to come back to Galva for more than a couple days for break. It was nice to come home and see the family and all the friends that I haven’t seen or talked to since summer.

It’s weird coming home after not being back for so long; it almost feels like it isn’t really your home anymore. I guess that would be expected once you have lived somewhere else for four months.

But anyway, break was pretty nice. The only bad thing was that it was so short.

Michigan has some messed-up scheduling, if you ask me. A lot of schools got out earlier than us and went back a lot later. Also, our spring break is in February - what kind of spring break is in February? But oh well.

I guess it’s time to get back to work. Go Blue!

Spencer Clark