Hutchinson retires after teaching 37 years

Sandy Hull
Gail Hutchinson retired from Cambridge Elementary School after teaching for 37 years. The first 15 years, she taught fifth grade and then moved to kindergarten.

    Gail Hutchinson of rural Geneseo retired from the Cambridge School district after teaching for 37 years.

    A graduate of Geneseo High School and Augustana College, Rock Island, Hutchinson taught fifth grade for 15 years before moving to kindergarten.

    “I have enjoyed teaching,” she said. “Everyday is different and it is such a good feeling when a student finally succeeds. I hope I made each child’s day the best possible day.”

    Hutchinson said teaching has changed throughout the years, but the technology has really changed.

    “I’m having a hard time keeping up,” she said.

    When asked about some of the high points during her teaching career and memories that really stood out, Hutchinson said the support of the school staff was wonderful.

    “I am thankful for everyone who I worked with and members of the community who also felt that we have a great school system,” she said.

    Hutchinson said she would tell new teachers that when you leave school for the day, their work isn’t over.

    “They will have paperwork or thought of their students and how to help them,” she stated. “It will be on their mind all evening until they figure it out.”

    Hutchinson said today’s children need to develop good social skills and be able to get along with others when it comes to their education. They also need to have a good work ethic.

    If she hadn’t chosen to become a teacher, Hutchinson would have chose something else that involved children.

    “It’s hard to have a bad day when children are around,” she said.

    Her future plans include not being so busy.

    “Maybe I’ll have time to travel, work in the garden and relax and enjoy life,” she said.

    She is married to Norm and they have two grown children, Gloria and Dan.