Super Steppers tally more than 35,400 miles

Sandy Hull
Fourteen students walked over 400 miles during the extreme super steppers program at the Cambridge Elementary School throughout the 2009-2010 school year. Pictured from left, front row, include Ashley Reinstadtler, Trevor Kane, Evan Sullivan, Keanna Hilligoss, Laney Baylor and Travis Kane and back row, Brockton Reed, Kaleb Franck, Logan Brink, Kristofer Lookingbill, Cameron Woodbury, Austin Reed, Hanna Thompson and Abagail Wittmeyer.

    To promote health and fitness  at the Cambridge?Elementary School, Carrie Titus, community health educator with the Henry County Health Department, put on a program called Extreme Super Steppers.    

    Students at Cambridge Elementary School used a pedometer to record any mileage they walked throughout the year.

    This program became very successful during the year with 14 students walking over 400 miles during the school year. As a school 35,422.75 miles were walked.

    Individually, Dick Borg, the custodian at Cambridge Elementary School, won walking a total of 2,406.59 miles.

    As a class, Mrs. Denison’s fifth grade class won walking a total of 7, 744.87 miles.

    The top three students walking in the program exceeded 500 miles. Trevor Kane placed first recording 539.11 miles,  Laney Baylor placed second and Cameron Woodbury placed third.

    Students placing fourth through 14th included Travis Kane, Keanna Hilligoss, Logan Brink, Kaleb Franck, Evan Sullivan, Abagail Wittmeyer, Hanna Thompson, Austin Reed, Brockton Reed, Kristofer Lookingbill and Ashley Reinstadtler.