O'Riley shares more thoughts on Galva schools

Staff Writer
Geneseo Republic
New Galva Superintendent/Elementary School Principal Doug O’Riley offers some thoughts on questions posed by the Galva News in the July 16 issue of the newspaper.

Galva Elementary School Principal Doug O’Riley officially added the duties of Galva School District 224 superintendent, replacing Dr. James M. Minick.

As Mr. O’Riley settles into his new role, he has agreed to answer a few questions posed by the Galva News. The following is a capsule look at some of those replies.

Q: Like many Illinois school districts, District 224 faces financial challenges at this time. What is your perspective on those challenges and what are ways you believe they might best be confronted?

A: I am not unlike most citizens of Galva, in that I am very skeptical of both our state and national governments’ ability to balance its books, eliminate corruption, and place the needs of our nation’s children first. Saying that, I think that the citizens of Galva and its schools must work towards a higher level of self-sufficiency.

Q: What are some other key challenges you see currently facing District 224?

A: Of course the financial burden will be the most difficult. The board and administration have made it a point not to eliminate any programs completely, but to instead ask all programs in the district to make cuts.

Q: What are attributes or strengths currently within District 224, in your opinion?

A: The students of Galva Schools have two wonderful sources of strength. One is the staff of the school. Because I have worked with them, I know they put their students first, try new strategies, and try to make learning fun.

The other strength is the high quality of parenting that occurs in Galva. A large majority of parents participate in their child’s education by monitoring progress, asking questions, and working cooperatively with teachers.