Change: It's a constant

Gary Edmonds, Galva School Board President
Galva School Board President Gary Edmonds looks at changes coming this fall within Galva School District in his monthly column in the July 21 Galva News.

The only constant is change.

This saying is attributed to the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus. He lived between 535 B.C. and 475 B.C. I am not sure how someone that lived on a different continent nearly 2,500 years ago could so accurately predict the happenings at Galva CUSD 224!

The era of Galva Wildcat football has ended. This August, our students will take the field with their brethren from ROWVA and Williamsfield as the Mid-County Cougars. They may win every game or they may lose every game, but one thing is for certain: It’ll be different!

When FY2011 began on July 1, 2010, Galva CUSD 224 had only two administrators employed by the district. Dr. James Minick left his position as superintendent on June 30. Assuming those duties will be recently promoted Doug O’Riley. Mr. O’Riley is the current elementary principal. He will remain in that position as well as adding the duties of district superintendent.

As of this writing, the State of Illinois was projected to short our school district $356,171 during the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2010. That is certainly a change from last year. We are being told next year will be even worse.

Without question, the worst thing I have been a part of during my time on the board was the reduction in staff this last winter. Through no fault of the teachers, staff, administration, or board; some hard choices had to be made. Those choices are changing the way education is happening in our district. In light of the current economic situation facing our state and community, it appears more changes may be necessary during the next school year.

Governor Quinn has proposed a change in the state income tax. He proposes raising the state income tax to raise money to support education in the state of Illinois. Call me cynical, but I would rather have my local taxes increased to support our local education efforts. I struggle to believe that sending more of my money to Springfield will be a good change!

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Change will happen. It is how we adapt to it that will determine our future. Perhaps that is the most important lesson we should be teaching our young people. After all, how can you fight something that has been true for over 2,500 years!