Year-round school? No way, she says!

Kassidee Aufderheide
Kassidee Aufderheide, a freshman at Galva High School this year, offers thoughts about year-round school in the July 30 Galva News.

Sun screen, flip-flops, sunglasses, and text books?

For most kids summer is the best time of the year, but if we had year-round school, instead of lying in the sun, enjoying ourselves all day, we would be sitting in a classroom doingassignments.

There are many reasons I’m against year-round school. One of them is summer gives kids something to look forward to. If you ask a group of kids what their favorite part of the school year is, I can guarantee you most of them would say the end.

Kids need a break from school, to go out and have fun without worrying about book reports, or tests.

Honestly, I think that there would be more dropouts if schools started to go all year. That thought of summer vacation is what keeps us going throughout the year.

For the rest of Kassidee Aufderheide's essay, see the July 30 Galva News.