Back to school: District 224 classes return

Doug Boock
Chase Sumner (foreground) and Zachary Johnson climb the steps of a Galva school bus after the first day of classes in Galva School District closed Tuesday morning. Students attended school for a half day as they began their 2010-2011 school year.

Galva School District students began the 2010-2011 school year with half a day of classes on Tuesday. Usual first-day sights and sounds were found.

Here are a few things observed at Galva Elementary School on Tuesday morning:

Breakfast of Champions

“Cheerios . . . and a lot of milk.” That’s what student Cal Larson had for breakfast before his first day of school.

Working on It

Students in Amanda Porsche’s kindergarten class did well reciting the Pledge of Allegiance on Tuesday until they came to the phrase, “ . . . one nation under God, indivisible . . .” which produced a lot of mumbling.

“We’ll practice that,” Mrs. Porsche smiled.

Tough Start

“Boring. I’d rather be home playing video games.” So said a boy who shall remain nameless after classes Tuesday.

Normal First Day Stuff

“Well, right now, crazy.” That’s what an adult said as she helped shepherd Galva Elementary kids to school buses after the first day of classes.

1 of 176

With one day of classes completed Tuesday, Galva school students had 175 more to go to complete the 2010-2011 school year.